Great British Traitors

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Great British Traitors

Unread postby musashika » Fri Mar 03, 2017 2:54 pm

A modern British traitor whose actions still hurt us to this day is Harold Wilson.
There is some evidence to suggest, and very strongly, that he was a German agent working for the DVD – DeutscheVertieigingungsDienst – a very secret secret police whose headquarters are still in Dachau. English barrister Michael Shrimpton has frequently written about this agency.

The truth of that matter has yet to be determined beyond reasonable doubt, but what is a recorded fact is that Wilson's government took part in a UNITED NATIONS meeting in Lima in 1975 under the auspices of UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. At this meeting Britain agreed to transfer its industry, industrial finance, machinery, tools and skills to developing countries. Agriculture and fishing would be similarly relinquished. A blind man can see the results of this deliberate dismantling of the British nation and its people.

Every British government since 1975 has been quietly and deliberately dismantling Britain. Jobs are gone. Agriculture has gone. Fishing the same. The great western seaports and the greatest merchant fleet which traded with all the world is gone. We are an 83% net importer of everything that we need as a nation and as individuals to survive. We have only two food importing ports left open and they are owned by the Chinese. There is much more to catalogue.

Whatever you think of the EU; Britain's place in it as a disappearing state, or out of it as a sovereign nation, makes no difference here. While we remain signed up to The Lima Agreement, 1975, we are finished. When you remove that which makes a nation great, that which allows it to survive, then that nation cannot be great and cannot long survive. A tragic, almost comical end to an old song indeed.
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