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Dream Team

Unread postby Duke of Leon » Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:14 pm

I am a huge football fan (American Football) and often people like to talk about what players they would pick to make the perfect team. I thought it would be fun to do the same with figures from the 3Kingdoms or the Sengoku Jidai. Who would you want to serve under you if you wanted to take over the world? lol whether it be Japan or China or whatever. Have fun with it. Here are my picks. I Picked 8 because I thought it was a good solid number.

1. Zhuge Liang
2. Jiang Wei
3. Zhao Yun
4. Ma Chao
5. Zhang Liao
6. Cao Ren
7. Gan Ning
8. Zhou Tai

I picked Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei because I know they work well together and Zhuge Liang is the best strategist in the 3Kingdoms. I picked Zhao Yun and Ma Chao because I felt they were the best Cavalry leaders and they are both loyal and reliable and are great fighters. I picked Zhang Liao because I believe he was the best warrior/general in Wei and I am impressed when I read about his exploits at He Fei. I picked Cao Ren because of his defensive prowess which he showed at Jiang Ling after Cao Cao's defeat at Chi Bi and his defense of Fancheng against Guan Yu. Cao Ren has never lost a defensive struggle as far as I know. I picked Gan Ning for the same reason I picked Cao Ren but for his offensive prowess rather than defense. Gan Ning is a fierce fighter and leader who can wreak havoc on an enemy. I picked Zhou Tai because I would put him in charge of my personal bodyguard units and he did a great job in keeping Sun Quan safe and saved his life on many occasions.
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Re: Dream Team

Unread postby Strategist » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:12 am

Assuming we're going with the novel version here (and China, just to keep things consistent). Also assuming I can only use ROTK characters. Overall, I don't differ that much from the earlier suggestions. Dissentions are bolded. Order given is not priority order.

1. Zhuge Liang (in the novel, he's basically the ultimate Strategist. He makes mistakes, but is usually unstoppable.)
2. Huang Zhong(Guan Yu is nearly invincible in the novel as a warrior, with two blemishes- dishonorable tactics (e.g. Pang De) and Huang Zhong. Huang Zhong is about as good a warrior as Guan Yu, and loyal- furthermore, he is a far better strategist than Guan Yu) (Jiang Wei is reasonable under Zhuge Liang's command, but given how badly Deng Ai beat him is a potential Ma Su in the making even if he works with Zhuge Liang)
3. Zhao Yun (less as a warrior, given that there are better, than because he is the ideal man to implement Zhuge Liang's plans. Zhuge Liang used him again and again, and was sucessful. In addition, if things go really bad and somebody valuable is left behind Zhao Yun has a reasonable chance of getting them to safety)
4. Ma Chao (a valuable warrior, equal to Xu Chu or Zhang Fei. Also a competent cavalry commander, as proven by his beating Cao Cao)
5. Guan Yu (Nearly invincible as a warrior. Not being Liu Bei, I don't have to leave him in charge of a region. The only person other than Huang Zhong who stands a chance against him is Lu Bu, a loose cannon who I don't want to have to spend the effort appeasing) (Zhang Liao is a great warrior, but there are so many above him that he doesn't make it into the top five, though maybe top ten. He achieved a Crowning Moment of Awesome level victory against Wu, but only pulled it off once. Probably highly competent as a general, but there are better)
6. Jia Xu (in the novel, never makes a single mistake and thus is comparable to Zhuge Liang. If our forces are split in two, Jia Xu can look after one front whilst Zhuge Liang takes the other) (Cao Ren needed Man Chong to persuade him not to surrender to Guan Yu. He also lost Nanjun. As a defensive commander, he's no match for, say, Sima Yi.)
7. Lu Xun (a backup for the contigency that I need to deal with three fronts at the same time. Inferior to Zhuge Liang, but self-aware enough to recognise the fact unlike Pang Tong. Worse than Sima Yi, but loyal unlike Sima Yi. Would pick Guo Jia, but Guo Jia never actually commanded an army himself. Nowhere near the level of Zhuge Liang and inferior to Jia Xu, but there aren't any candidates on that level left except the untrustworthy Sima Yi)
(Since I consider this the most controversial choice, clarifying relative to the other options.
-Pang Tong got ambushed and killed for ignoring Zhuge Liang. That factor is still in play.
-Li Yan may be a match for Lu Xun, but he's petty and could cause us problems.
-Sima Yi may be better than Lu Xun, but he might revolt)
(Gan Ning only achieved one notable raiding operation, which implies he could only do it with specific circumstances. If he was capable of raiding all the time, why didn't he use raiding operations all the time?)
8. Zhang Fei (a risky choice for a commander, but an undeniably great warrior. Eventually gets a clue as a general, and after that shows himself able to outsmart the likes of Zhang He. An additional warrior is ideal as most forces have a lot of valiant warriors relative to great strategists)

To keep a team like this I would have to learn to be a benevolent lord. In order to do this, I would treat my Warriors with kindness and give them highly expensive gifts (I know them to be men of worth and worth it) and grant them anything they might desire. I would give my Strategists the same treatment, plus massive amounts of power over the administration.


Were I not actually trying to win and instead were testing my skills in a computer game simulator (assuming 100% realism), I'd be tempted not to use any strategists just so I could make the decisions myself. If so, I would go with a team of:

1. Lu Bu
2. Guan Yu
3. Gan Ning
4. Zhang Liao
5. Ma Chao
6. Zhang Fei
7. Xu Zhu
8. Huang Zhong

Were a second front to need delegating, I would leave command to Zhang Liao. My strategies (since I'd be making it myself) would often make use of raiding units or cavalry units with ALL of these generals working together- the slaughter of a raiding unit led by Gan Ning with the others by his side would be awesome to behold, after all (raiding is probably a bit easier with all these great warriors, I'm assuming). The cavalry strategy would involve all of them working together to fight their way to the enemy commander and take his head.

Not being an idiot, I would keep a careful eye on Lu Bu- if need be any of the others could probably hold him off, but I shouldn't be too careful and I'd probably lose a valuable general in the process...
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