If Guan Yu would have taken Cao Cao prisoner

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Unread postby Sima Hui » Wed Jul 07, 2004 2:34 pm

Big Blu wrote:Ahem, Mr.Wuist, HE FEI!!!! Wu, won land only because of Zhou Yu, and Sun Ce, after they died, Wu was a minor threat that either Shu or Wei could have crushed, Shu ignored them because they were their allies(or so they say) and Wei was busy fighting Shu, or building it's own strenth.
Really Wei and Shu fought, while Wu looked for every chance to hop in. Shu attacks on 2 fronts, forceing Sima Yi to shift his gaze from Zhuge Liang for just a minute, and thats all he needs.

Ahem yourself. Wu won an entire province without Sun Ce or Zhou Yu at a time when Shu was the probably the strongest power. Lu Meng took it with Lu Xun's help, crippling Shu forever.

Wei or Shu being able to crush Wu easily? Let's see a list of Shu or Wei's victories against Wu. None. Let's look at Wu's successful defences against it's enemies. Zhou Yu at Chibi, Lu Xun at Yiling, Xu Sheng at Guangling, Lu Xun and Zhou Fang at Youting (I think that's the name) and Zhu Huan at Jing (I think).

What is wrong with hopping in to seize a advantage? And in history, Sima Yi was at the Wu front holding off a more deadly attack each time Zhuge marched north. It wasn't until the Fourth Campaign that Sima Yi fought Zhuge Liang.
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Wed Jul 07, 2004 7:42 pm

Random comment: Cao Cao's other sons were far too young to be in the running. The majority of them were born after Cao Cao pacified the north and had time to be with his women...

My guess is if Guan Yu had captured Cao Cao, Cao Pi would automatically take up the torch (Cao Zhi was in no position to contend; besides, in such an urgent situation, the eldest would win the support of most of the staff). It's hard to say whether he would stand a chance since he was so young, but again, Sun Quan did it when he was 19...
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Unread postby harshbarge » Thu Jul 08, 2004 6:31 pm

And like Sun Quan he already had a strong pool of advisers and generals
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