The "What If" Thread

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Re: The "What If" Thread

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:53 am

Han wrote:Thats a vague describtion of 'political purposes'. Using that logic, every appointment in the period was also because of 'political purposes'. Every appointment and promotion was because the promotor/leader 'could not afford not to' give them if you think about it. Anyway, Ma Chao did not get in because Liu Bei was forced to do so. He got in because he was a proven leader and commander. Thats it. Though his prestige definitely did help

At higher levels of government? They can do. In this case reputation at home and abroad, people management and future goals are playing their part.

Sure Liu Bei could have rejected Ma Chao, he could also decide not to give Xu Jing high rank, as long as Liu Bei didn't want to be an able ruler anymore. If Liu Bei wanted to rule well then he had to. If Zhang Ren is to break into the 5 tigers in this scenario, we need to see which ones could be dislodged. Realistically I think possibly only Zhao Yun given political factors behind the other four and that wasn't going to happen given his long service and saving Liu Shan's life
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