Ma Su and Jiang Wei.

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Re: Ma Su and Jiang Wei.

Unread postby DaoLunOfShiji » Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:34 pm

On the subject of Ma Su's death, there are several different account in many trustworthy sources

Zhuge Liang’s SGZ states: Zhuge Liang executes Ma Su. It does not give a time frame or anything.

Ma Su’s SGZ states: He died in imprisonment

Xiang Lang’s SGZ states: Ma Su fled but Xiang Lang did not report it. For this, Xiang Lang angered Sir Zhuge and he was dismissed and returned to Chengdu.

Wang Ping’s SGZ says: Zhuge Liang executed Ma Su, Zhang Xiu (DIFFERENT GUY), Li Sheng and punished Chen Shi as well as Wang Xi.

ZZTJ states that Ma Su was arrested, imprisoned and subsequently executed.

I am inclined to believe that either Ma Su died in prison, or he was put in prison and executed as we have evidence of Ma Su writing a letter to Zhuge Liang from prison. So he was at least jailed at some point.

The letter reads as thus:

Your Excellency has treated me just as if I were your son, and I have regarded Your Excellency as if you were my father. I wish earnestly that you will think of the precedent of Shun’s imprisoning K'un for life but promoting his son Yu, so that in my friendship with you until now there may be nothing amiss. In that case I die without regret.
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