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Re: Three Kingdoms Questions (You Ask, We Answer)

Unread postby Lord Yang Jiahua » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:26 pm

Who exterminated Liu Yuan's clan?

Is it all in the Book of Jin? Been very interested to see if the narrative has any difference from ones i've read on the Period of Disunion. (220-580)

Is the same Wang Jun fighting Liu Yuan's armies the same Wang Jun that defeated the Southland along with Du Yu?
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Re: Three Kingdoms Questions (You Ask, We Answer)

Unread postby DaoLunOfShiji » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:39 pm

In short, Shi Hu captured and slaughtered Liu Yuan's family.
The fate of the Han Zhao royalty from the ZZTJ

19. In autumn, the eighth month, Liu Yin of Zhao led several tens of thousands of Zhao soldiers from Shanggui to march towards Chang'an. The Rong tribes and the Xia people (ethnic Han) of the commandaries of Longdong, Wudu, Anding, Xinping, Beidi, Fufeng, and Shiping all raised troops to support him. Liu Yin's army marched to Zhongqiao. Shi Sheng closed the gates of Chang'an to mount a defense, while Shi Hu led twenty thousand cavalry to reinforce him.

In the ninth month, Shi Hu greatly routed the Zhao soldiers at Yiqu. Liu Yin fled back to Shanggui. Shi Hu pressed his victory and pursued the Zhao army, leaving corpses along the road for a thousand li. Then Shanggui also fell, and Shi Hu captured Liu Xi, Liu Yin, and more than three thousand other Zhao princes, nobles, ministers, commanders, and other such officials. He killed them all.

Shi Hu forced all of the remaining Zhao civil and military officials, all the refugees west of the passes, and more than nine thousand members of the great families of Qinzhou and Yongzhou to relocate east to Xiangguo. He also buried alive more than five thousand of the Chuge Xiongnu of the Five Commandaries at Luoyang. Shi Hu advanced and attacked the Jimuqie Qiang tribe at Hexi, and he defeated them, taking captive tens of thousands of them. The regions of Qin and Long were thus all pacified by Later Zhao.

The Di king Pu Hong and the Qiang chieftain Yao Yizhong both surrendered to Shi Hu as well. Shi Hu petitioned to have Pu Hong appointed as Chief of military affairs of the Six Tribes, and Yao Yizhong appointed as Commander of the Left of the Six Tribes. He forced a hundred and fifty thousand tribes of the Di and Qiang to relocate to Sizhou and Jizhou.

As for the Wang Jun's, those are two separate Wang Jun's. The one who participated in the War of the Eight Princes and the war against Liu Yuan is 王浚, while the one of Wu conquest fame is 王濬.
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