Quick translation, hanzi, and minor information assistance

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Re: Quick translation, hanzi, and minor information assistan

Unread postby PyroMystic » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:56 am

Fornadan wrote:
PyroMystic wrote:Hello, is it true that we can ask for help translating Hanzi?

I want to know more about a certain Princess Wannian of Han. She's the daughter of Emperor Ling (Liu Hong), and that means she's the half-sister of both Emperor Shao (Liu Bian) and Emperor Xian (Liu Xie). And no, this is different from Princess Wannian of Jin. However, so far I find about her is just this passage, which I don't understand at all. Can someone help me translate this? Thanks!


This appear to be the eulogy by Lady Zuo Fen左芬 for Princess Wannian of Jin. She was a noted poet and a concubine of Emperor Wu of Jin. When the Emperor's daughter, the Princess Wannian died, she made this eulogy in her memory

So this isn't about Princess Wannian of Han but Princess Wannian of Jin? Stupid me...
Anyway, thank you so much for your information!
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