Later Han/Three Kingdoms/Western Jin Weaponry

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Later Han/Three Kingdoms/Western Jin Weaponry

Unread postby Aaron.K » Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:06 pm

Greetings everyone.

I have something very interesting I have to share with you. Firstly I shall start with these two images:



You might see them getting shared around the internet (I have noticed them on both YouTube, and on the Three Kingdoms section in the Total War forums). The description is that these are Han dynasty depictions of Da Dao (大刀).

I was never convinced that these were necessarily depictions of weapons (they might be standards of some kind, or something else), so I sent off an email to Dr. Shao-Yun Yang of Denison University (who was the user/Admin Yun from China History Forum). He told me he's never seen these images at all before, and suspects that they are forgeries due to stylistic details in them looking too modern.

Additionally, where these images have first popped up in English (Wikimedia), there is no other accompanying information with them (what museum they're from for example), either given by the user or metadata from the camera.

Hence I am convinced and still maintain that there were no weapons that were like guan dao/yanyue dao during the Later Han, Three Kingdoms, or Early Western Jin. Any descriptions of da dao (such as in the Chu-yen slips from the arsenal at Edsen-gol) are thus likely to be similar to the 1.6 metre two handed sword type as mentioned in the biography of Chen An of the Western Jin.
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