Shadow (Three Kingdom movie)

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Shadow (Three Kingdom movie)

Unread postby Sun Fin » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:36 pm

Has anybody heard of or seen Shadow, apparently also known as Ying?

I discovered it on the plane. I was browsing the list of movies and saw with a start that this one was based in the Three Kingdoms. Sadly it was only available in Mandarin so I couldn't watch it but googled it when I got home.

It was released in 2018 in China but is going to come out in the West later this year (I'm presuming with subtitles!). Unlike lots of 3K fiction, the characters have been renamed so the cast list reads like:

Deng Chao as Commander Ziyu and his shadow Jingzhou (based on Zhou Yu)
Sun Li as Xiao Ai, wife of Ziyu (based on Xiao Qiao)
Zheng Kai as King Peiliang (based on Sun Quan)
Wang Qianyuan as Tian Zhan (based on Lü Meng)
Hu Jun as Yang Cang (based on Guan Yu)
Guan Xiaotong as Princess Qingping (based on Sun Shangxiang)
Leo Wu as Yang Ping (based on Guan Ping)
Wang Jingchun as Lu Yan (based on Lu Su)

It seems quite loosely based at times but Zhou Yu is the main character which I think is exciting. Good to see Wu getting love. I also like that Sun Quan seems to be being presented very negatively! :lol: Anyway all the reviews seem to be incredibly positive with it winning four golden horse awards and being nominated for many others.
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Re: Shadow (Three Kingdom movie)

Unread postby DaoLunOfShiji » Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:04 pm

Sun Fin wrote:I also like that Sun Quan seems to be being presented very negatively! :lol:

I've never heard of it, but now I will watch it. :D
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