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Re: The SOSZ's Book Club - Fire Over Luoyang

Unread postby Sun Fin » Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:39 pm

Dong Zhou wrote:-Wow that heir situation was open to abuse. De Crespigny seems to being careful to give Dowager Deng benefit of the doubt, one can see why ignoring Liu Sheng was a problem even if the Dowager had good reason

Lady Yan showed just how open to abuse the system was, in comparison it's no surprise that Lady Deng 's actions look okay.

Dong Zhou wrote:-I see why the ranks and how they were kept limited but still leaves an uneasy feeling while I think telling military rather then civil ranks were for sale.

It clearly sets a dangerous precedent. One that kicked later.

Dong Zhou wrote:-That was one horrible rebellion for the Han, the length, the expense both of the war and the rebuilding afterwards, the loss of prestige, strain on everyone else. Was a bad error to let the army get in such disrepair and as funny as the bronze mirrors story is, that is really bad equipment situation. Did feel like defeats were less the commanders but the situation on the ground as the professor notes. The withdrawals both of initial western regions then in front line areas both felt disorganized, miscommunicated and spiralled out of control.

Yeah, I felt sorry for the generals who were dismissed, it seems pretty clear that the problem wasn't to do with their capacity, or at least not exclusively so.

Dong Zhou wrote:-That is a lot of tax gathering problems. Felt De Crespigny set out the tax system fairly clearly and how it’s inability to really respond to fluctuations in farmer life led to people seeking patrons who had clout to use against local officials, making it getting government’s share of tax harder and harder.

Also led to the dependants system that made it so easy for the likes of Yuan Shao to rise an army!

Dong Zhou wrote:-Utter foolishness to depose of a Crown prince with no replacement, leaves a vacuum and damages the son if he ever becomes Emperor. I do question Emperor An’s failure to have Liu Bao’s household under control to prevent the intrigues

Biggest indictment of his rule for sure. He does not come across as a competent Emperor in the slightest.
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