Need help making map for board game

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Need help making map for board game

Unread postby fruitstrike » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:33 am

Hello everyone!

I am a game designer who is currently making a board game that takes place during the periods immediately before and during the Three Kingdoms. The game is a strategy game that involves fictional history - similar to the RotTK video games, it takes all the historic figures and events and puts them into a blender so that each playthrough is unique and history happens differently. What if Zhuge Liang refused Liu Bei? What if Cao Cao did not lose at Red Wall? What if Sun Quan was assassinated along with Sun Ce? Etc etc...

The game mechanics are highly tied to the map. Cities, forts, roads, geography (mountains/rivers/etc) matter a great deal for the purposes of military missions, as you are only able to invade via friendly or ally controlled adjacent entry points. However, I am having a lot of difficulty finding the right resources to help me make a reasonably accurate map that takes all of these things into account.

I took a look at the maps & illustrations thread here: - it has quite a bit of great stuff in it. Unfortunately, either there is not the right combination of maps or my skills are failing in map interpretation to give me a sufficient product.

Is there anyone who would be willing to help me out with this? If you are passionate about this time period, I would love to pick your brain about the geography, forts, cities, and such that were important so that I can create a great game! Thank you in advance! :)
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