Comprehensive Biography for Yu Jin

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Re: Comprehensive Biography for Yu Jin

Unread postby DaoLunOfShiji » Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:37 am

Li_Shengsun wrote:
DaoLunOfShiji wrote:He also served with distinction against Lu Bu in Xiapi and Gui Gu at Siquan, even killing Gui Gu.[20] He also took part in operations against Yuan Shu and defeated Sui Gu.[21]

Sorry, im a little bit confused here. killing Gui Gu? wasn't Sui Gu and Gui Gu was the same person? how come he kill him and then defeated him later on?

You're right, that was my oversight there. I was citing the two sources and referred to Sui Gu as the two names while drawing from the separate sources that each call him a different name. I shouldn't have gotten them mixed up. Thanks for catching that.
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