The real story of Cai Wenji?

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The real story of Cai Wenji?

Unread postby yevonsama » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:47 am

To celebrate the appearance of Cai Wenji in Dynasty Warrior 9 ( actually, she began her appearance from DW7 already :lol: ). I finally find something awesome about her story.

How much of the Cai Wenji's story which we usually read is the reality? Especially: She really be adopted as a concubine ( or even the Empress) by the Xiongnu chief Liu Bao? He really fell in love with her? And one of her son is Liu Yuan 劉淵 who will finally crushed the Jin dynasty?

Suddenly, I found these clip. It talk another story about what happened to her ( from when she be captured by Xiongnu soldiers until when Cao Cao get her back).

follow these clip, no way Cai Wenji be adopted by Xiongnu chief Liu Bao.
Instead, she have to survive through the nightmare as a POW/slave/... of these Xiongnu who captured her among many other womens and girls.
These soldiers did something very very terrible to her ( of course). :(
Finally, she become wife/slave of a Xiongnu soldiers, and have two child, until Cao Cao pay enough gold for him/them to get her back.

Don't really have any romance relationship, instead, it is so sad and terrible.

What do you think about the clip's explaination? :(
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