Updating the SGZ biography translations

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Re: Updating the SGZ biography translations

Unread postby James » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:57 pm

CaTigeReptile wrote:That was definitely a concern of mine, though I was talking about the biographies published on KMA mostly since the rest aren't, well, KMA's -- so it becomes how to deal with, like, people whose translations are on KMA but who haven't been seen around in a while (to my knowledge at least), like Jiuwan. Maybe some of their old e-mail addresses still work as listed.
(Also, calling out Lady Wu's hotmail e-mail address.)

To clarify, I was still referring to biographies on KMA—more specifically, that some of them have been published but come from sources like Three Kingdoms Frontier where any revision (other than e.g. typographical) would definitely need author permission. Which simply be stating the obvious, given the copyright for all of these biographies, of course, belongs to the original author(s). The arrangement has always been nothing more than sharing the biography with KMA’s audience. :)
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