Sanguo zhi tongsu yanyi (part 2)

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Sanguo zhi tongsu yanyi (part 2)

Unread postby plunged » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:35 am

Does anyone have a PDF copy of part 2 of the Sanguo zhi tongsu yanyi 三國志通俗演義? It's a version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms with a lot of illustrations in it. I once got my hands on part 1 but I'd love to get my hands on part 2 and see more illustrations!
Please have a look at: Gongjin's Campaign Memorials: a Three Kingdoms Wiki.
Now also has translations of: He Jin, Huangfu Song, Zhu Jun, Lu Zhi, Cheng Pu, Sima Shi and many more.

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