Map of Han/Three Kingdoms China?

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Re: Map of Han/Three Kingdoms China?

Unread postby Jebusrocks » Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:50 pm

Jolt wrote:
lewinernst wrote:Very good to know, thanks a lot :mrgreen: . Do any of you know of "plain" maps of the time, meaning they contain geographical features and cities/counties, but no borders or coloration? What software and which raw data do people here use to make these maps (I assume it's not just Illustrator)?

EDIT: Is it possible that the rivers in China (particularly Yellow and Yangtze) run very differently nowadays?

The maps were done on a base of QGIS, and then edited through Paint.NET. The maps that you quoted were quickly put together by me in Paint.NET.

Our atlas was supposed to have the rivers according to the Chinese Atlas maps of the time periods, but if I'm not mistaken, besides the major rivers and a few minor rivers, Fornadan never got around to correcting their courses to the historical ones.

The commandery borders and the settlement names were based on the Historical Atlas of China.

lewinernst wrote:How close to the historically accurate division of power are these maps (specifically the one of 210)?

Fornadan mentioned most of the imprecisions of the map (the main major one is Bing province belonging to Yuan Shao/Cao Cao). Besides that one, of the 210 map, it's also possible that Zhang Lu's control didn't extend to the whole of the Hanzhong commandery, namely to Shangyong and the lower Han/Mian river basin.

Is there any chance you can send me the source files of what you've finished? that would be amazing! Great work man
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Re: Map of Han/Three Kingdoms China?

Unread postby lewinernst » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:12 pm

Jolt wrote:2 days later, 5 provinces done down.


EDIT: And as a sneak peek, here you have Cao Cao's favourite commandery and (Presumably the one) where he got his Ducal/Princely title from!


Firstly, the reason I am suddenly so interested is that we are simulating the period starting in 208 with about 30 people over 4 days and are trying to be accurate as possible in visualising what happens, so thanks for everybody's patience. Do you still have a version of this map that you could share? (maybe the much bigger image that used to be at ?(I can't seem to get it to run in any browser, the JS throws errors).
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