The poetry (or lack thereof) of Ying Qu.

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The poetry (or lack thereof) of Ying Qu.

Unread postby Tarrot » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:43 am

By complete chance today, I stumbled across this article today (I'm trying to find a reputable online source so I can post a TIL on reddit about Zhu Jianping predicting Cao Pi's horse dying, then the horse biting Cao Pi and Cao Pi killing it) about Ying Qu, a poet from the Han who, according to the article, seems written out of history. ... chtges.pdf

If I have time later I'll read through it all instead of skimming it (from what I can tell, an analysis on what gets included in history), but it seems like it'd be an interesting read and breakdown of a lesser known guy.


I found the main site and they have access to a ton of articles on Chinese history. I also included some links to other chapters/articles if people want to read that are related to the Han/early Jin. ... series.htm ... oodman.pdf ... nalPDF.pdf ... oodman.pdf


Summary of the chapter from the book:

Ying Qu was an official during the Cao-Wei era who was also a poet, apparently of some fame, but not on the level of the top people like the 7 scholars of Jian-an, although he was their contemporaries. He had a series of poetry which was classified as "Baiyi" 百一 which literally translates 100 1, which no one knows what the actual meaning is or why the poetry is classified as such, and there are four historical claims for its meaning, all debunked by the author. The author through his studies sees Ying Qu mentioned many times throughout history, so his poetry did survive, and he was influential enough that poets would mirror his style later. He wrote in what was said to be a critical toward the era and the government style with his poetry. While fragments of other works of his exist, the only full poem of his which still exists is collected in the "Wei Xuan" which is a work collecting poems from famous poets. The author brings up a point on how this is stupid my words), because the one poem which was collected does not reflect the lasting influence of his work, and that said poem does not offer enough insight into the true style of Ying Qu's Baiyi poetry.

I'm not a poetry guy, so I wasn't that interested, but I appreciated the history aspects and the influence he had on later eras and learning of that.
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