What would you do if you were in China during the 3 K. Era?

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What woul you do in ancient China?

Engage as a general.
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Engage as an advisor.
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Stay at home and look after your mother and your farm.
Form a group of bandits and build a stronghold in the mountains.
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What would you do if you were in China during the 3 K. Era?

Unread postby Tokugawa Liang » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:30 am

Back then in China during the Three Kingdoms period, people had different opportunities than we have today. Some people thought their intelligence was their best advantage and engaged as advisors, others started a career as a general. So many officers could rise from nothing, being there what would you have done if you were young and free, with a whole life before you? And which kingdom would you choose to serve?
English is not my mother tongue. I hope the comprehension isn't too hard.

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Re: What would you do if you were in China during the 3 K. Era?

Unread postby Nazne » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:55 pm

This pretty much depends entirely on whether I'm being born as someone in the TK era, or time traveling back.

Born in TK era: I'd... likely die. Probably by starvation, although marauding soldiers is also likely. Maybe if I get lucky I'll have the dubious honor of personally dying in one of Cao Cao's massacres, but hopefully I'd survive Dong Zhuo. If I somehow manage to not die, I'll probably just be a filial daughter of a peasant and get married off to someone slightly less poor than me. Either that or run off into the woods and attempt to live a hermit li...

cancel all that I want to be born as Yue Ying

Time traveling back: Shoot Ma Su before he fucks up Jieting.

(If I'm allowed to reset the past after time jumping or jump between different time lines, I'd also experiment with changing the future by killing certain (or all) important figures, a few at a time. And then there's the whole bringing back modern knowledge/technology thing...

you know what I've thought too much about this. Stop.)
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Re: What would you do if you were in China during the 3 K. Era?

Unread postby Zhuanyong » Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:13 am

May be the best loaded question I've read all day.

As Nazne pointed out, it would depend on if I'm born as one of those individuals, born as a different individual, or traveling back in time.

Personally, I'd probably end up dead from not prostrating myself to whoever conquered my village or province. Either that, starvation, or some plague that wipes out whatever village I'm hiding in.

If I were traveling back in time, I guess I would either run very far away, as far as I possibly could. Then again, there's also the opportunity to manipulate Cao Cao into believing I have an all-powerful discernment by telling him what is going to happen event by event as it unfolds as were in history until I gain his complete and utter trust. I would just help him destroy Liu Bei before he becomes a nuisance and stomp out Sun Quan (as much as a Wuist I can be, I know what they're up against :lol: ). Then I can be the Prime Minister or whatever and live out a comfortable life hoping no one tries to assassinate me.

Either way, I selected the option to stay at home and guard my farm and take care of my mother.
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Re: What would you do if you were in China during the 3 K. Era?

Unread postby GuoBia » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:17 am

Watch me become a pig castrater :/

But isn't there already this thread?
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