Cao Cao's Subordinates

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Re: Cao Cao's Subordinates

Unread postby Cao Chao » Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:28 pm

chinesecannibal wrote:Ques. Are there any politicians today similar to Cao Cao?

I don't think politicians are the best example to use, rather you should consider top military officers, especially those with political ambitions. If you look at a lot of them, be it in American history or world history, they have a tendency of being like Cao Cao - brilliant generals, ruthless when needed to be, but capable of employing politics. Of course, the modern system is very different and there aren't many authoritarian monarchies left in the world, so you do have to adapt the circumstance of modern day democratic traditions. I would say that MacArthur, for someone raised and employed by the Western democratic tradition, did act very Cao Cao-esque (whether knowingly or not, though perhaps his thoughts and actions were founded on Western philosophical works such as The Prince rather than any historical knowledge of the man named Cao Cao).
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