Monster and His heir: Liu Bang and Liu Bei

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Re: Monster and His heir: Liu Bang and Liu Bei

Unread postby TooMuchBaijiu » Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:23 pm

Starshine wrote:I believe Xiang Yu had lots of charisma too, any warlord who's had significant power needs to have some. I also disagree that China would be much worse off today if Xiang Yu won instead of Liu Bang, Back then people's lives were short, and with in the blink of an eye its someone else's turn to rule. In the short run commoners would have benefited from Liu Bang's reign, but in the long run nothing would be too different. Who's to say that Xiang Yu's future generations wouldn't be benevolent? XD

That's a bold statement, in my opinion. Liu Bang's reign was quite short, only seven years or so, having taken the throne in his late 40's/early 50's. Xiang Yu was 30 when he died. That said, it can easily be surmised that had Xiang won, he would've had a much longer reign, and a lot more time to screw up.

That said, I don't think anyone could argue that Xiang's political abilities weren't anything but terrible. I don't imagine he was up to the task of building a stable regime and while he had decent generals and ministers (Liu's were still better) he failed to utilize them to their whole potential and would fail to listen to them when they tried to point out his weaknesses. That is a serious flaw for any sovereign, and would greatly damage the new dynasty.

Finally, I believe China would have suffered a far worse fate under Xiang Yu than Liu Bang when the Xiongnu came to invade. Though Xiang was a masterful general, so was Modu, the Xiongnu king. And where Liu would've surrendered, Xiang would've pushed on. I think Modu would've played Xiang's aggressive nature against him and inflict a total defeat upon Xiang, and even if he survived the battle, he'd be surrounded on all sides by Xiongnu to the north and rebelling princes and peasants from every other direction.

Basically, he would've gotten the bad ending from ROTK IX.
I don't write fanfic, but if I did it would involve Zhou Yu and Zheng He fighting to win the heart of Lai Choi San. Then I'd make them join forces to fight Ming the Merciless, who secretly works for Master Li. I'd squeeze Lu Bu in there somehow.
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