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Re: Guan Yu new bio

Unread postby Guan Yan » Thu May 29, 2008 12:20 am

Mikhail wrote:
Guan Yan wrote:
Mikhail wrote:I remember you mentioning in a post that you used to translate traditional Chinese to English, but since you deny it and say that you only use a dictionary, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt..

I never said I didnt I used both :wink:

Then if you did use both, that would be the problem. Using translation websites usually returns awkward phrasing and sometimes wrong (literal) wording. If you do plan on translating in the future, I would definitely recommend that you don't use an online translator at all. I for one would not use any source that was even partially assisted on by an online translator, because of the afformentioned reasons.

Like Liu Yuante has said, translations require a good command of the original language (in this case Classical Chinese) as well as a good command of the translating language, which is English. I would suggest you reduce the dependency of online dictionaries and translators before you attempt another translator.

Sorry, I know I'm sounding harsh and very critical, and I don't mean to be, but its the truth. I'm sure Rafe de Crespigny had to have studied and learned Classical Chinese before he was an expert at it before he would even attempt a translation, lest he might get something wrong - which would lead to his work to be ridiculed and his reputation tarnished.

Guan Yan wrote:
Mikhail wrote:However, some of your sentencing needs a lot of work. Some of the sentences are phrased awkwardly while some seem to really work well. Also, I can't get over the "feather" parts of the bio. Never once have I heard Guan Yu and "feather" in the same blurb. That isn't to say that its wrong, since I do not know traditional Chinese, but its uncanny.

It often said Guan Yu was called Feather or The Feather, also like Sun Quan was reffered to as The Power.

I've searched far and wide and I have NEVER heard of these two men being referred as you said they are. My guess is its the online translator's fault, but if it is as you say, I'm sure the many scholars here will back you up and will enlighten me on the situation.

I plan on learning the luaguage myself :)
Hopefully somescholars that translate these things will back up my research on these names but the name Feather would not be used because the way it is used is the feather was angry for example so they use Guan yu instead. Feather explains luoguan zhong's description of Guan Yu in the novel as similar to being like a feather.

I find this biography a good source of information that has more information in one spot then having to look at different links and studing it. This biography is in order of events that is in one spot to study that is one reason why it is good. Dont call it a bio if you dont want but it is about his life and there is alot of information here in a order. So even if it does not get published on this website feel free to print this biography out or study it from this single source instead of searching all over the web :D
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