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Unread postPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 4:53 am
by kirchhoff
Never under estimate Sima Yi's political sense and ambition. It's very hard to imagine that a person who controlled so many power but do not want to be the emperor himself!
There's an example. When Ma Su is defeated, Zhuge Liang stayed in a city which has no soldiers and facing Wei's army. Then, Sima Yi thought there would be a trap and retreated. But what I have to say is that the actual reason of the retreat is not Yi thought about traps. Both Yi and Liang could realize that Jie Ting is an important place. Liang dare not lost Jie Ting just for a trap in a poor city. The true reason is that, at that time, Sima family didn't control enough power of Wei. If Sima Yi defeat Zhuge Liang, then he had no reason to not go ahead. At that situation, Sima Yi can destroy Shu easily. But after that, what is waiting for him? Is DEATH! This is the same reason of why Sima Yi took defensive position when he was facing poor Shu. He's waiting for a chance to grab the power of Wei.
In almost 2 thousands years ago, the things of being an emperor is not so easy. Even Dong Zhuo dare not be the emperor when he controlled the power. Same thing is on Sima family.
So, even Sima Yi didn't do anything to grab the power obviously, he was doing some preparation for his sucessors.