Did Cao Cao want to become Emperor?

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Did Cao Cao want the throne?

Yes, but only to be like Emperor Zhou Wen and have Cao Pi become Emperor
No, he was loyal to the Han empire.
Total votes : 16

Unread postby Shi Tong » Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:40 am

A Han loyalist does not kill officials who discuss affairs with the emperor or kill his infants.

Or indeed his wife. :lol:

I think Lu Kang has a little more to add there and I agree with him-
Cao Cao didn't want to tarnish his legacy. He was something of a scholar and knew a thing or two about the past. Did he deep down want to be Emperor? Probably. Would doing so tarnish his legacy? Yes.

Good point. :D
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Shi Tong
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Unread postby NOD » Fri Feb 22, 2008 3:43 am

kind of odd that roy mentioned that maybe he would have created democracy, i say this becouse thats how he is portrayed in dynasty warriors 6
cao cao - i wish to build a world wier niether emporer nor lord needs to rule, a land run by the talent of all
it was something along those lines. i know its a game but i just found in funny that roy mentioned that
but if it was indeed the case then it would have been very revolutionary for his time
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