Red Cliff (Film) Discussion Thread

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Re: Red Cliff (Film) Discussion Thread

Unread postby Sun Fin » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:37 pm

Watched part 1 today.

I really enjoyed it.

The fight scene with the formation was a little bit ridiculous I thought and some of the moves felt like they'd been pulled straight out of the DW games! :lol: I loved that Gan (N)Xing was armed with a falchion, is that something that is attached to his legend apart from DW? As a character he always looks so grumpy though! Zhang Fei to be honest just felt like comic relief.

I enjoyed Lady Sun's presentation, I felt like it captured what we think we know of her personality even if it wasn't entirely (/at all) historically accurate! :lol:

I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Zhou Yu's relationships; first with Xiao Qiao and also with Zhuge Liang. ZGL comes across as a lot less of a jerk than in the novel.

Looking forward part 2 tomorrow!
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