Can someone help me about Zhuge Liang's accomplishments?

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Can someone help me about Zhuge Liang's accomplishments?

Unread postby Uncle_Zhuge » Tue Apr 19, 2005 2:00 pm

I don't know whether this thread has been created before, but I will greatly appreciate it if someone can bring up a list of Zhuge Liang's accomplishments, especially the strategies he used or whom he outwitted. I know there is a chronology, but it seems like not everything is there. I like a fully compiled one, so if anyone knows, please PM or post here.

If there is another thread or forum that I am supposed to post in, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. Thanks for reading!
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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Apr 20, 2005 6:27 am

Actully I would be intrested as well.
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Unread postby Ma Chao of Xi Liang » Wed Apr 20, 2005 5:03 pm

All i know is he made the arbalest.
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Unread postby man4422 » Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:08 am

AD 181 Guang He 4th year (0 years old)
-Zhuge Liang was born in Lang Ya Guo, Yang Du county.

AD 188 Zhong Ping 5th year (8 years old)
-Death of Zhuge Liang’s father, Zhuge Gui.
-Zhuge Liang and his siblings were raised by their uncle Zhuge Xuan.

AD 197 Jian An 2nd year (17 years old)
-Death of Zhuge Liang’s uncle, Zhuge Xuan.
-Zhuge Liang moved to Long Zhong where he studied and farmed the land.
-Zhuge Liang befriended Shi Guang Yuan, Xu Yuan Zhi (Xu Shu), Meng Gong Wei, Sima Hui and Pang Tong.
-Zhuge Liang married the daughter of Huang Cheng Yan.

AD 207 Jian An 12th year (27 years old)
-Liu Bei visited Zhuge Liang three times.
-Zhuge Liang proposed the Long Zhong Plan and joins Liu Bei.

AD 208 Jian An 13th year (28 years old)
-Zhuge Liang befriended Liu Qi and give him advice to stay and build up his troops at Jiang Xia.
-Zhuge Liang propose to Liu Bei to launch fire at Bo Wang Slope when Cao Cao's troops advance to attack Liu Bei teritories. Battle of Bo Wang Po wins, and Zhang Fei submit to Zhuge Liang.
-Liu Bei retreat from Xinye with Xinye people, together with Zhuge Liang. Cao Cao's troops chase over Liu Bei troops. Zhuge Liang went to JiangXia to request Liu Qi to send reinforcement troops to Liu Bei's troops.
-Liu Bei retreated to Xia Kou and sent Zhuge Liang as emissary to Wu.
Zhuge Liang persuaded Sun Quan to ally with Liu Bei against Cao Cao.
-In meeting with Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang boost Zhou Yu determination in fighting against Cao Cao by giving story to Zhou Yu that his wife and Sun Ce's wife should be presented to Cao Cao to stop the chaos of era.
-In preparation of battle of Chi Bi, Zhou Yu tried to give Zhuge Liang many problems. First he request Zhuge Liang to make thousands of arrows. Zhuge Liang went nearby Cao Cao's ships and borrow arrows in the midst of foggy weather. Second, Zhou Yu tells Zhuge Liang to burn Wei's supplies. Third, he send comments to Liu Bei's emissary that he would be glad if he have feast with Liu Bei. He plot strategy with dancers to assassinate Liu Bei when he is watching the feast. Lu Su later told Zhuge Liang.
-Zhuge Liang later told Liu Bei about the danger, and he request him to send Zhao Yun with a few men to meet him at Sun Quan teritory.
-Zhuge Liang set up Seven stars Altar to borrow East Wind. He later left with Zhao Yun with his men.
-The battle of Chi Bi ensued, and the alliance defeats Cao Cao’s army.
Liu Bei acquired the four southern prefectures of Jing Zhou.
Zhuge Liang was appointed to be Jun Shi Zhong Lang Jiang and he was to administer three of the southern prefectures.

AD 209 Jian An 14th year (29 years old)
-Zhuge Liang take advantages of Jing Zhou teritories when Zhou Yu launch attack with Wei's generals. Zhuge Liang again, boost Zhou Yu's anger 1st time.
-Lu Su went to see Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei many times to request them to return Jingzhou's land. First time Zhuge Liang said "After Liu Qi's death then, Jingzhou return to them". However Liu Qi died later. Lu Su went to see Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang later, but the agreement was postponed for some other reasons, not giving excuse to return Jingzhou after they invade "ChangSha, GuiYang, Jiangling, lingling", or pacify Yizhou.
-Zhuge Liang send Guan Yu to attack Changsha, Zhao Yun to attack GuiYang, ZhangFei to attack Jiangling, and he and Zhao Yun,Zhang Fei to attack Lingling. Changsha and the other teritories were pacify by Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang.

-Lu Fan propose to Sun Quan to let Liu Bei to marry Sun Quan's sister.
-Zhuge Liang agree Liu Bei to go to Wu to marry Sun Quan's sister. He gave 3 advices to Zhao Yun to take a look at the advices when : 1) When Liu Bei cross over Wu teritory 2) After some time, when Liu Bei was having a good time with Sun Quan's sister 3) When Liu Bei and Sun Quan sister have problem returning back to Shu. Zhou Yu went to chase over Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei but retreat when he enter Shu's teritories. Zhuge Liang and the rest shout the remarks to Zhou Yu "Release Sun Quan's sister, and loss his army!" Zhuge Liang boost Zhou Yu's anger 2nd time.

AD 210 Jian An 15th year (30 years old)
-Zhou Yu intend to invade Ba-shu(where Liu Zhang rule), Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei agree to offer his troops food when he pass their teritories. Zhao Yun guarded Shu and did not let Zhou Yu enter gate of Shu kingdom. Zhou Yu retreat and caught by Zhuge Liang's strategy. Zhuge LIang boost zhou Yu's anger 3rd time. Death of Zhou Yu.
-Zhuge Liang went to Zhou Yu funeral and cried, spreading Zhou Yu's strength and talent. All Wu's officials feel sad for Zhou Yu's death. Before Zhuge Liang left, he give advice to Lu Su to stop Cao Cao's attack Wu by spreading rumours to Cao Cao that Ma Teng invading Cao Cao's teritories.

AD 211 Jian An 16th year (31 years old)
-Liu Bei took this opportunity to enter Yi Zhou (Ba Shu) while Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang were tasked to defend Jing Zhou.
-Cao Cao invaded Jingzhou.Guan Yu and Liu Bei defend against Cao Cao's troops. Zhuge Liang assigned Zhao Yun to made noise to distract Cao Cao's troops while they are sleeping.
-Cao Cao have no choice but to retreat their camps further away.

AD 214 Jian An 19th year (34 years old)
-After Pang Tong's death, Zhuge Liang was took up the post as Master of the Forces (Commander General), assisting Liu Bei to pacify Yizhou. Before he left, he give the task of defending Jingzhou to Guan Yu and tell him "Allied with Sun Quan, but resist Cao Cao".
-Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun debarked to San Ba.
-Liu Zhang surrender his land.
-Zhuge Liang was promoted to be Jun Shi Jiang Jun and he began to think of measures to resolve the differences between the existing occupants of Yi Zhou (ex-officials of Liu Zhang who surrendered) and the new occupants (Liu Bei and company).

AD 216 Jian An 21th year (36 years old)
Zhuge Liang authored “Da Fa Zheng Shu”.

AD 217 Jian An 22th year (37 years old)
-Zhuge Liang was tasked to defend Cheng Du and he was left in charge of daily administration as well as army supplies to the frontline.

AD 219 Jian An 24th year (39 years old)
-Zhuge Jin went to Shu kingdom and ask Liu Bei and Jingzhou to return Jingzhou. Zhuge Liang write letter to Guan Yu telling him to return part of Jingzhou, implying him not to return Jingzhou to him.

AD 221 Huang Chu 2nd year (41 years old)
-Apr: Zhuge Liang was appointed as the Prime Minister.
-Jul: Zhuge Liang was tasked to defend Cheng Du.

AD 223 Huang Chu 4th year (43 years old)
-Apr : Death of Liu Bei
-May: Liu Shan ascended the Shu’s throne. Zhuge Liang was conferred the Duke of Wu Xiang and Prime Minister. Zhuge Liang administered the State’s affairs and he wrote “Yi Qun Xia Shu”.
-Jun: Rebellion of Yong Kai and the King of Yi Tribe, Gao Ding. Zhuge Liang did not send troops to suppress them but instead adopted peaceful measures. Zhuge Liang implemented agricultural reforms in Shu.
-Sep: Zhuge Liang wrote “Zheng Yi” and dispatched Deng Zhi to Wu to mend relations.

AD 224 Huang Chu 5th year (44 years old)
-Zhuge Liang concentrated on judiciary reforms and wrote “Tan Liao Li Biao” (a report to dismiss Liao Li).
-Apr: Sun Quan sent a diplomatic mission to Shu to mend relations and Deng Zhi was dispatched to Wu in return.

AD 225 Huang Chu 6th year (45 years old)
Southern Campaign (Nanman Attack)
-Mar: Zhuge Liang led a southern expedition against the Nanman.
-Sep: Zhuge Liang quelled the rebellion and adopted pacification schemes in the south.
-Nov: Zhuge Liang sent Fei Yi as emissary to Wu.

AD 226 Huang Chu 7th year (46 years old)
-Jul: Zhuge Liang trained Shu’s army in preparation for northern expedition. He authored “Yi Meng Da Shu” to get Meng Da to surrender to Shu.

Summary of Zhuge Liang's northern expeditions (6 years 11 months):
-1st - Mar 227 Tai He First year (47 years old)
-Mar: Zhuge Liang submitted “Chu Shi Biao” (the first memorial for the northern expeditions) and “Wei Hou Di Fa Wei Zhao” for Liu Shan. He then led his army and stationed at Han Zhong.
-Jun: Cao Rui and Sima Yi jointly administered military affairs for Jing and Yu Zhou. Troops were stationed at the City of Wan. Zhuge Liang made progress in securing Meng Da’s trust. Peasants rebellion led by Zhang Gong at Guan Han, Mian Zhu (Yi Zhou). Birth of Zhuge Liang’s son, Zhuge Zhan.
-Zhuge Liang launched the first northern expedition via Qi Shan. He recruited Jiang Wei. Ma Su lost Jie Ting and Zhuge Liang retreated to Han Zhong, plotting strategy with his zither to retreat Sima Yi's troops. Zhuge Liang executed Ma Su, Zhang Xiu and Li Sheng. He further demoted himself by three grades. Zhuge Liang wrote “Quan Jiang Shi Qin Gai Yi Que Shu”.

-2nd - Dec 228 }interval of 1 year 9 months Tai He Second year (48 years old)
-Winter: Zhuge Liang launched the second northern expedition via Shan Guan. He laid siege to Chen Cang but was forced to retreat due to lack of food supplies. Wang Shuang led his troops to pursue Zhuge Liang but was killed by him in an engagement.

-3rd - Apr 229 }interval of 4 months Tai He 3rd year (49 years old)
-Spring: Zhuge Liang launched the third northern offensive. He occupied Wu Du and Yin Ping prefectures. Liu Shan reinstated Zhuge Liang as the Prime Minister. Li Yan persuaded Zhuge Liang to accept the Nine Treasures and Zhuge Liang refused (he replied Li Yan in “Da Li Yan Shu”).
-Winter: Zhuge Liang built 2 cities (City of Han and Yue) at Nan Zheng region.

AD 230 Tai He 4th year (50 years old)
-Zhuge Liang sent Wei Yan into the western Qiang region and defeated the Wei army there.

-4th - Feb 231 }interval of 1 year 10 months Tai He 5th year (51 years old)
-Feb: Zhuge Liang led his fourth northern expedition and surrounded Qi Shan. Zhuge Liang used the newly invented the “Wooden Oxen” to transport army supplies.
-May: Zhuge Liang defeated the Wei army at the city of Lu. Sima Yi entrenched himself, refusing to give battle. Zhuge Liang send Wei Yan to lure Sima Yi to battle, but he is not moved.
-Jun: Zhuge Liang was forced to withdraw when supplies ran out. Zhang He pursued Zhuge Liang all the way to Mu Men where he was shot and
killed by Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang retreat back to Shu kingdom, removing camps but making more trenches to confuse Sima Yi.
-Aug: Zhuge Liang submitted “Tan Li Yan Biao” to punish Li Yan.

AD 232 Tai He 6th year (52 years old)
-Zhuge Liang trained his army and engaged in agricultural activities at Huang Sha.
-Zhuge Liang invented the “Flowing Horse” and together with the “Wooden Oxen”, he prepared for the next northern expedition.

AD 233 Qing Long 1st year (53 years old)
-Zhuge Liang use "Confusing soldiers tactics", creating some ghostly humans to lure Sima Yi's troops, at the same time, collecting the wheats in Qishan.
-Zhuge Liang used the “Flowing Horse” and “Wooden Oxen” to transport army supplies to Xie Gu.
-Rebellion at south-western Shu by the Nanman warlord Liu Wei.
Zhuge Liang dispatched Ma Zhong to quell the rebellion.
-The Nanman rebellion was suppressed and Liu Wei was killed.

AD 234 Qing Long 2nd year (54 years old)
-5th - Feb 234 }interval of 3 years
-Zhuge Liang launch attack Sima Yi troops. Sima Yi knew the tactics Zhuge Liang used and defeated Zhuge Liang.
-Zhuge Liang lure Sima Yi out to battle with him. Sima Yi get trapped by Zhuge Liang's strategy. Sima Yi and his sons was ambushed. Zhuge Liang intend to burn them off but the rain pours and giving sign that restore Han empire is impossible.
-Feb: Zhuge Liang stationed his army at Wu Zhang Yuan, constantly send offensive remarks to Sima Yi, lure him out to attack.
-Apr: Zhuge Liang instructed his army to till the land near the River Wei in preparation for a protracted campaign.
-May: Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang reached a stalemate.
-Aug: Zhuge Liang died of sickness and fatigue at Wu Zhang Yuan. After his death, he ask his men to make a fake Zhuge Liang to retreat Sima Yi troops, at the same time remove Shu's camps.
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Unread postby MarvelousLingTong!!!!!! » Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:35 am

Is this what he did acorrding to the sgyy?
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Unread postby LiuBeiwasGreat » Sun Apr 24, 2005 5:09 am

MarvelousLingTong!!!!!! wrote:Is this what he did acorrding to the sgyy?

Yes that is all novel, nicely put together if i might add.
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Unread postby MarvelousLingTong!!!!!! » Sun Apr 24, 2005 5:25 am

It was nicley put together. I thought so i just figured id get confirmation on that though.
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Unread postby man4422 » Sun Apr 24, 2005 6:25 am

Any changes please do tell me to edit. Thank you

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Unread postby someguy44 » Sun Apr 24, 2005 12:08 pm

I think the original poster was asking for a chronology of the historical Zhuge Liang and not the novel one.
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Unread postby man4422 » Sun Apr 24, 2005 1:09 pm

When you go according to history wise, there are still website that need to publish history of Zhuge Liang written by Chen Shou yet. So far history of
Zhuge Liang is in chinese. ... hi/035.htm

Anyone willing to translate in english?

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