10 Favorite People of the Era

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Re: 10 Favorite People of the Era

Unread postby Aygor » Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:18 pm

Aygor wrote:1) Jiang Wei
2) Zhao Yun
3) Cao Cao
4) Liu Bei
5) Cao Pi
6) Cao Mao
7) Guan Xing
8) Zhang Bao
9) Zhuge Zhan
10) Liu Feng

Funny to see how opinions change!

Nowadays, it would be somewhat like this:
Liu Feng, Jiang Wei, Yang Feng, Du Yu, Chen Deng, Cao Ang, Liu Chong, Yuan Tan, Liu Bei, Cao Cao

I wonder how tomorrow will be!
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Re: 10 Favorite People of the Era

Unread postby MasterG0819 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 4:46 am

Just now saw this page somehow. For me it’s regularly changing because there are SO MANY people of the time I greatly respect. For now through I’d say.

1. Zhou Yu. Very smart, loyal, respectful man who was talented both as a general and in helping to run a country. Not arrogant in the least from what the records have to say which even in this time was very rear.
2. Deng Ai. Same as Zhou Yu. A bit arrogant but that is not really a big point against him since it’s incredible common.
3. Lü Meng. A amazing case of a man who had a bad start reforming and consistent improving himself past that, to where he became on of the most skilled people of the time and changed history. It’s hard to argue that Sun Quan’s forces would not had fallen to Cao Cao or at least lost some important land in the late 210’s without him.
4. Zhang Ni. A brave, tough and smart guy who preferred winning without fighting each time he could. He was incredible at getting tribes to lay down there arms and when this was not possible, he was almost as hard to beat as Lü Meng. Did I mention his bravery? The first event in his SGZ is when he changes into a force of bandits alone to save a woman he didn’t know.
5. Sun Ce. I see him as very similar in personality to Lü Meng, however he didn’t make the sane mistake when he was young and had a far different role. Him taking Lü Meng under his wing for a time is also a big point for him.
6. Xun Yu. A very smart, good guy. He might had been the best administration Cao Cao had working for him, possibly other then Zhong Yao, and was a great judge of character. Also like Zhou Yu and Zhang Ni he was humble as could be.
7. Fei Yi. A extremely skilled administrator and good guy. The best in Shu and possibly the whole era at running a country, although people such as Cao Cao and Zhou Yu had him beat at the area of running the army. He does actually seem to had been a bit arrogant from how he just disregard Zhang Ni’s weaning about his behavior but it is not something big.
8. Ling Tong. Similar to Lü Meng. I just don’t see Ling Tong as being as skilled of a general or as multitalented.
9. Wang Ping. A smart guy who could never learn how to read and could not recognize more than 10 characters. He never let this get to him too much and studied a lot. He was definitely very skilled, defected Zhang He in a battle and then defected a army three times larger then his in 244. He was one of the best generals in Shu and was a very admirable man.
10. Cao Cao. A highly skilled, incredible influence man who treated his subordinates very well outside of just a few cases line Zhu Ling. He was great.

HM Zhao Yun. Even in the SGZ that doesn’t say he had many feats as a general, Chang Ban speaks very well of him. He was a selfless loyal, brave man who the SGZ just makes sound like a all around good guy.
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Re: 10 Favorite People of the Era

Unread postby ky9ersfan » Sat Oct 10, 2020 5:26 am

This is in no way is the best overall, just my favorite 10 going by the novel.

-1)Cao Cao:A ruthless talented warlord, who defeated his less skilled rivals left and right, eventually turning into the dominant northern power. The best ruler of the period, to me anyways.

-2)Zhang Liao:A talented veteran general, he made a difference for both Lu Bu, and then Cao Cao. He is my favorite officer after Cao Cao. He proved himself in many battles with Wu.

-3)Guan Yu:An extremely capable general, and Shu's top general.People say he wasn't as good as the novel, but I look at Cao Cao's recruitment efforts of Guan Yu. To me that tells me all I need to know.

-4)Jia Xu:My favorite strategist. He always had sound wisdom, for whomever he served. He helped Zhang Xiu deflect a couple Wei incursions, and that is no small task, with a much smaller force.

-5)Lu Bu:A very strong general/duelist type, that stood at the top of the best generals. He might not have been a good warlord, going against an elite one in Cao Cao. But as a general following orders, he was one of the best to me. And also I don't think he was mindless, like he is rated as in the games. In one of his novel night time battles in Yan, he nearly caught Cao Cao by surprise in an night time battle. He also ambushed Cao Cao 's forces, after Dong's retreat from Luo Yang. It takes atleast average intelligence to do that.

-6)Dian Wei:A talented loyal warrior type, that made a difference. He fought his way in, and saved Cao Cao against a Lu Bu night time ambush, and then also saved his lord by making a heroic last stand against Zhang Xiu's forces. He gave his life, and allowed his lord time to retreat.

-7)Lu Xun:One of the best Wu commanders, that dealt Shu a devastating defeat in the battle of Yi Ling. To me he is one of the best commanders of the period.

-8)Gan Ning:A talented general, that made an impact where ever he served. If you could overlook his sometimes appalling eccentric behavior. I guess it is a mixed bag with Gan Ning, you take the good with the bad. He had a good showing fighting on the front lines against Wei at Hefei, allowing Sun Quan's retreat back to Wu.

-9 )Zhao Yun:One of the best loyal general/body guard types. He proved very useful for three leaders, first Gongsun Zan, then Liu Bei, and then lastly for Zhuge Liang. Saved Huang Zhong who was on the verge of being defeated by Wei general Xu Huang, later on in the novel.

-10)Zhang Xiu:An above average, solid general type. He was wise enough to make good use of Jia Xu, and talented enough to carryout his plans, and defeat Wei multiple times around the Wan area. To me at the worst, he is like a poorman's Yu Jin. He had to be a halfway decent warlord, inorder for Liu Biao to relinquish command of Wan castle to him. Thus making him an independent buffer zone, between Jing and the north.
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