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The Romance of the Three Kingdoms D&D RPG!

Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:47 pm
by adammeier
Hello everyone!

I am a newbie to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms SoSZ community. My IRC name for SimRTK and SoSZ is "Zhong" for those who are curious about me.

I am in the middle of inventing and innovating a pen-and-paper RPG version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms by using the assets of the video games, the books, and even later in the future I will be asking people from SimRTK to possibly contribute to this piece of work.

I am currently working on a first edition/draft of this RPG and will possibly be done at the end of the week for hands-on testing of certain mechanics.
This RPG will include mechanics from previous RTK games such as debates, duels, speciality items, the attribute system, and more, while also including the open-doors RPing that SimRTK's forum accepts.

I will be willing to answer questions, but I cannot ensure I will answer all as I am working literally 24/7. Hell, I am over 20 hours deprived of sleep writing this so it can be released to people interested!