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Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:01 pm
by Gray Riders
Removed economy bonus for AI (reduced late game scaling of AI economies)

Wait what. How's the AI going to compete without an economy bonus?

Patch is out. This happened to the AI bonuses:
*+1 global recruitment on V. Hard, +2 on legendary. +1 to local recruitment on Hard or above.
*The AI no longer gets any extra income on any difficulty.
*Research cost (presumably gold, not research time) significantly lowered. On Legendary it is now Free for them.
*Ai Upkeep bonus is significantly smaller. -20% on legendary, -15% on V. Hard, -10% on Hard. So single settlement faction with two stacks is probably not a thing anymore unless they threw a money cheat into the script like mods for Medieval 2 used to.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:25 am
by LiuBeiwasGreat
Alright Tomb Kings! What to say....they are a combination of amazing and horrible at the same time :P

As always I play the game on normal cause despite loving this franchise my tactical abilities are more awesome in my head then on the battlefield :lol:
The I have had battles where I overcome great odds and turn a losing battle into a winning one, and others where I take an easy battle and turn it into a close victory cause I am that awesome :D
Basic Tomb King units suck and suck hard, which makes sense as they are completely free, Skeleton swordsmen and spear-men will go down fast and hard unless you can surround a unit and I have found many maps in the Tomb King territories where the game forces me to choke points fighting Orcs or other stronger units where my Skeleton units just kinda melt. I haven't played too much with the stronger units but some of the larger constructs I have managed to get a few battles with and they are amazing as long as you don't throw them into a wall of spears :lol: Thankfully the AI loves doing that.
Research takes flippin forever and to be honest isn't impressive as I personally have tried to unlock more armies as a priority and as a result my units don't get as many much needed upgrades, though it is nice to be able to replace armies rather quickly and that sandstorm ritual has saved me a couple of times.

Overall I do like the Tomb Kings, when they are good they are tons of fun, but seem to have the feeling of multiple crap armies followed by a couple of elite ones after the enemy tires out.
Oh and being poor constantly hurts, honestly it was one of the reasons I disliked Norsca, raiding and sacking is a must but with limited armies can be rough as an enemy from the rear can wipe out settlements as you are raiding another :lol:

Ok, enough rambling from my end.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:52 pm
by Gray Riders
I only got about eight turns and one battle as TK so far (playing as Settra). I've seen a few people say they got the difficulty reversed for him and Arkhan--Settra's fighting Savage Orcs at the start wit his weak TK units, while Arkhan is fighting Bretonnians before they get their knights and has some rather good early infantry in the form of his Crypt Ghouls.

As a faction, Tomb Kings are very weird but interesting. Sadly their general weirdness wrecked by plans for a classic Total War campaign mod. Ah well it's less work to do. :lol:

I find chariots annoying to use since they're so micro heavy but TK don't have a lot of options early game and they do great damage if you properly babysit them. Skeleton archers are surprisingly amazing. Settra himself lost health crazy fast and I'm not sure why considering his good melee stats. Maybe he ran ahead of his men and got ganged?
Edit: Some topics about how the Greenskins now dominate the map led to me doing research and it seems CA overcompensated a bit for the blue tide in earlier vrsions. All AI Greenskin factions now get these bonuses:
*+2 Fightiness per turn
*-2 recruitment duration for all units
*+3 local recruitment to all provinces
*-20% recruitment cost
*-20% upkeep

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Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:09 am
by LiuBeiwasGreat
The first couple of battles aren't so bad against the Orcs but if they come at you with a sizable army it can be difficult. Knight charges are really bothersome so taking out the Bretonnians early is best but with Settra that can be hard to do.

I have mainly be fighting other Tomb Kings but i plan on wiping out the Dwarves soon but I feel like I should send several armies as I don't think most of my units would last long against Dwarves.

The Greenskin bonus is that for the AI only or will players benefit too?

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Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:11 am
by Gray Riders
LiuBeiwasGreat wrote:The Greenskin bonus is that for the AI only or will players benefit too?

Ai only. People complained that the dwarfs always dominated the map in mortal empires so they gave the Greenskins crazy bonuses. Reports suggest they now dominate instead, although Greenskins are a lot easier to defeat than dwarfs (in my opinion).

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:58 pm
by LiuBeiwasGreat
I did Settra's crown mission and it was really fun. At first I was nervous about facing Norscans but I accidently stumbled across their ambush force while I was sending my chariots through the woods allowing me to send in my main infantry force to overwhelm them. Then when they tried to ambush me again with their artillery only a small amount of my spearmen were in range enabling me to flank them. After that I was able to bring my entire army against the remaining guys.

You were right about the archers, they are really strong they routed several units before they could even reach me.

I lost one chariot unit and half the HP from my was Sphinx, everyone else suffered minor casualties, so naturally it was a "close victory" :lol:

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Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:48 pm
by Gray Riders
Someone was able to use some clever workarounds to add the ability to buy magic items and banners through the research screen. ... 1299294879
Very impressive work. Prices are very high but I think that's a good thing to keep them under control.

Edit: I didn't see it since I've been doing other stuff but autoresolve is apparently doing weird, weird things now.

Firstly is it was changed to make the player lose more units to incentive fighting battles (CA confirmed this) but it was set so you lose units in massively one-sided brawls. There are screenshots showing things like two full Bretonnian stacks attacking a city with no defending army (just the garrison) and losing all their trebuchets.

Second, Beastmen under AI control now seem to automatically win every battle against other AI factions, including "Khazrak and his eight starting units beat a city with twenty greatsword units protecting it" according to one modder who ran a test. :shock:
Again, CA confirmed they wanted the player to get to face the Beastmen before they get wiped out.

Edit: Had an amazingly epic battle.

I'm playing with 40 units per army and doubled the opposition in the Quest Battles to balance it. Volkmar's first is a fight with a large undead host at Hel Fenn. The doubled army sizes made it incredibly.

Massive numbers of Black Knights crashed into my spear and halberd protected flanks, and then a mass swarm of bats and wolves charges my army from behind! My Free Company Milita--who I'd kept in reserve--go to meet them, joined by my Pistoliers, Flagellants, and the Knights of the Blazing Sun. They do well but the beasts keep coming. The enemies main line of zombies, skeletons, and a smattering grave guard collides with my swordsmen. I have all 3 ranks of Honest Steel and my warriors are experienced, so my front holds very well--even the Grave Guard can't really break past, and my Celestial Wizard provides help with devastating Wind Blast and Thunderbolt spells.

Then the last enemy wave comes from the read--Crypt Ghouls! My Milita are badly outmatched now, and to make matters worse some of the Black Knights get through. My Crossbows turn to fire on every vulnerable enemy flank, but since undead units don't run it's a slow grind. My pistoliers and several militia units rout. Thankfully, my halberds on the right flank smash the enemy knights and are able to run in to assist. I also move my wizard down and deliver a Wind Blast that helps.

I spot an opening in the enemy lines and have Volkmar charge, alone on horseback, right through and charge the enemy general! He smacks the necromancer around easily until two full zombie units join in. Volkmar is actually still winning--zombies are too inept to hurt him much, but they stop him from hitting the necromancer as much. Still, Volkmar tanks on and on.

Meanwhile, one of my Swordsmen finds itself getting hammered by several enemy units--including some Grave Guard--but manages to hold on the entire battle, making the Emperor proud. My left flank starts to turn the enemy Black Knights thanks to my spears and halberds managing to surround them, with assistance from the battered but standing Knights of the Blazing Sun. The enemy ghoul ambush collapses and my other units run to assist the left flank, aside from my Flagellants who managed to help the spearmen on my right surround a Crypt Wraith unit, dropping it's morale and getting it to finally start crumbling.

Volkmar manages to fight his way out of the zombie encirclement and charge back to the main lines, popping his two ally buffing Battle Prayers. In a gloriously cinematic moment, Volkmar's collision with the enemy Grave Guard's rear is what gives the enemy the "army losses" penalty--the undead force collapses . A bloody but great victory for the Empire!

A hero's work is never done, though. Some time ago Marienburg fell under the control of Bretonnia. As a former Imperial territory, Karl Franz has lodged a protest, but was ignored. Now reports come that the citizens of Marienburg have been forced into harsh labor as Bretonnian peasants, devoid of even the minor rights of a citizen of the Sigmarite Empire. Although the Marienburgers are not popular this is seen as too far. Karl Franz announces to a cheering crowd in Altdorf that the State Troops will liberate the city...