Elder Scrolls Debate

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Elder Scrolls Debate

Unread postby Lou Bert » Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:57 am

All the sites i have been on over the last couple of mounths have been `talking about the dark brotherhoods
god figure sithis and their is a mixture of belifes that people have.

I quiet like the Dark brother in elder scrolls series and there is some proof that a daedric prine or some one as powerful is the sithis figure because lucian lachances ghosts said he is now in the void with the dread father him self and he still loyaly serves him,and at the sithis shrine you get privlages for praying to the sithis statue and that must come from some one. plus the night mother had sithis childreen and must know what he looks like,also what about the saying that sithis is not a daedra or not in the real of oblivion.
thats just a little hints we have found out.

but what i want to know will the elder scroll fans be hapy if sithis turns out to be real and is created by the company or do you think it will spoil it more if Sithis becomes real. I kow i would like to find out that sithis is real and i will be slightly disapointed if he was fake or just a daedric prince toying with the darkbrotherhood.
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