The Sonic The Hedgehog Thread

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The Sonic The Hedgehog Thread

Unread postby Sun Fin » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:15 pm

Following Sonic’s 20th birthday (20 years since the first Sonic game was released on the Genesis back in June 1991) I’m on a bit of a Sonic obsession. However I’ve noticed that the Scholar’s is missing a universal Sonic Thread and to save me making several threads in the next few days I thought I’d make one SuperSonic thread to cover it all. :lol:

So where to start?

Maybe you want to talk about the latest Sonic game out, ‘Sonic Colours’, or maybe the upcoming game ‘Sonic Generations’. I haven’t yet played ‘Colours’ but it has reviewed better than many other, recent, Sonic games. 'Generations' is a celebration of 20 years of the little blue hero and so is a mix of the latest graphics and usage of the original 2D playing system. Do you think the mix will work?

Perhaps you feel that the Sonic series has lost its way and you know what you would like to see from future instalments? Many seem to think any characters other than Sonic and Dr Eggman are surplus to requirement. I personally think that is too harsh. After all ‘Sonic 2’, ‘3’ and ‘CD’ are all classic games and I think that Knuckles and Tail’s at least are needed. That’s ignoring Amy Rose, who was also from that era, and the second most popular character in the series: I am, of course, talking about Shadow The Hedgehog. I am open to the argument, however, that many other characters are a waste of space, Silver and any other Hedgehog’s especially.

Maybe you have a favourite (or least favourite) game in the series, why? Or a favourite or least favourite character, again, why? I’ve got to say the retroness that is Sonic 1 is a standout game in my mind but my all time favourite is actually a recent purchase ‘The Dark Brotherhood’ on DS. It’s a bit different, RPG rather than platformer, but very fun. So fun, in fact, that I ripped apart in about 3 days of game time! But, maybe, as I’m replaying the series maybe another will rise up to replace it in my mind. Sonic is still my favourite character; however I do love both Knuckles and Shadow and will always have a special place in my heart for Tails!

Are you currently playing a Sonic game? If so, what? What do you think about it? I’m currently playing the first Sonic. I completed it about a year ago and I have no idea how I managed to get all the Chaos Crystals in so few attempts. I’ve pumped in about 4 hours today and only managed to come up with one crystal in that time! That I’ve somehow got to get all 6 in one play through seems so hard. But that’s part of the appeal of this first game!

Alternatively you may be watching a TV series. I’m currently re-watching ‘The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog’ which I watched as a kid but that was a long time ago. I’m quite enjoying the slapstick comedy of it. However my memories of SatAM and Sonic Underground are far more positive. SatAM I am particularly looking forward to watching as all I remember is the darker plots and a sense of excitement whenever I heard the theme tune!

So discuss any of that or anything else in relation to ‘The Hedgehog’! (Who needs debate over who is ‘The Man’, Cao Cao or Liu Bei when ‘The Hedgehog’, is here! :lol: )
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