Dragon Age 2

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Re: Dragon Age 2

Unread postby Kristina » Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:06 pm

I was very disappointed in the game. It wasn't a bad game - But compared to the Orgins and Awakening stories, it certainly wasn't a great one. The creators did the same thing to DA2 as they did to FFXIII. Oh, lets take this big open world and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Then, lets compress everything to this little path that doesn't even respawn a decent amount of enemies so that players can't level (I know, we didn't need to, but I prefer to have the choice).

Going back and forth was so infuriating. Go to darktown. Now go to the dalish camp. OOps, back home now. Darktown again, but go at night, cause that's really gunna make it more interesting!

I just hope that the Elder scrolls: Skyrim will take away the sting.
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Re: Dragon Age 2

Unread postby Jake » Mon May 09, 2011 9:55 am

Have to agree here with others (whoo-hoo, a tad late gamer) that the original spark from the Origins was long gone from this installment of the series.

Okay, when I started first playing the game when it came out, I was hyped as hell. The first section of the game was alright, but when I got to the stranded city whatever-the-name-was, I somehow just lost the inspiration to play as I sometimes got stuck to some missions and it felt like the game would just stop in that city doing missions, etc. Never got further, I guess I have to start playing again.

The story was alright in general, but somehow I thought Origins was better since there were multiple choices of what's going on at the start and the choices would affect in more perspectives - the race delete was a big minus, thought that voice acting on the main character was quite cool. Thought that I'm a bit disappointed about that when you select the gender, they almost exact same lines and the only thing that changes in the game is that the main character has boobs.

Kristina wrote:Going back and forth was so infuriating. Go to darktown. Now go to the dalish camp. OOps, back home now. Darktown again, but go at night, cause that's really gunna make it more interesting!

This !

Well, anyways. Guess I've gotta play a little further to give a final critic about this one.
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Re: Dragon Age 2

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:36 am

I enjoyed that, lacked a certain brilliance of Dragon Age Origins, but was a good fun game.

Combat was fine but I really hated that rather then being able to see every foe like the first game, waves of reinforcements would turn up to your rear which defeats the point of positioning your people for a fight. Game did feel parsed back: only able to play a human was an initial disappointment, the constant reuse of maps (and failing to remotely hide it was a little amusing) though I wasn't too bothered about that, a bit less heavy on the lore though some nice personalization of some of the writers who had been seen in origins and some amusing stories in the lore. Level up system was easy enough, I did get a bit bored with some quests that weren't character or main story related

I liked the story. Not able to do something as grand as dragon age origins? Do something different, one city, more localized and do time jumps. Nice cameo's for those that played the original game
I like Flemeth. Sten's was weird though
without being too in hock to it, I enjoyed the narrator and the way they worked that. Good NPC's around to build story with
I liked Kirkwall's ruler
, time jumps worked surprisingly well and they moved characters on to reflect that. Just enough stuff about being a mage to differentiate from choosing another class, the dialogue system did have moments where what my character said was different to what it implied when it was choice, really enjoyed the ending though regret the lack of "so and so did such and such afterwards".

The companions lack the something special of Alistair and Morganna but I found most of them to be good, fun, intresting and I enjoyed the conversations and some of the bigger companion quests.
thoughts on the characters
Carver=whiny mc whine jealousy for awhile, did get better and he benefited from one of the DLC. Aveline was a very good elder caring sister, Anders could have used a bit more humour at times but the spirit within him was an intresting thing though his final plan was guessable at (his romance was very sweet), could see where Fenris was coming from, Isbaella was amusing and warmed to her, Varric made a good narrator and had a strong sense of humour, Merill was sweet and got my protective instincts up as it did Varric but the blood magic was a nice twist to that. Sebastian was a bit too one note
. Amusing and good dialogue exchanges between companions with some surprising friendships forming with Hawke intervening a few times, I enjoyed my time with them.

The DLC had some good puzzles but fitted the pattern of good but larking the spark. Legacy was good for some companions, had a great final boss and building up some lore. Mark of the Assassin's main character just lacked a little sparkle to really push the lore expansion and make most of the humour

My ending
Mage who concentrated on healing and mind powers, sided with mages (unsurprisingly), saved Carver with grey wardens, romanced Merill (after sleeping with Isabella and kissing Tallis), executed Anders and forced to kill Fenris. Sided with Laruis and Tallis in DLC's
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