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Re: What are you playing right now?

Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:22 pm
by DaoLunOfShiji
ESO was a pretty alright game when I played it. I did it mostly for the PVP in Cyrodil which was really enjoyable, though certainly lacking in variety.

Re: What are you playing right now?

Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:56 am
by Dong Zhou
Last week finished Dragon Age Inquisition (aka the third one) after a long long time. I enjoyed it as it kept a lot of what I tend to enjoy (exciting characters, excellent lore, sense of humour, eye for the little moments) while it adapted, changed it's style where you run a faction (which I would have liked more of and enjoyed) plus going from what tended to be a focus on one city to across the continents. That is less to my style, I prefer something small and intimate like one where it can pace itself, here I had done the romance, character quests and so on with some areas to still explore. That will partly be down to me but I just never been an open world (or open world styleish/large) fan though each area tended to be intresting with it's own culture and stuff going on.

Much of what I like about dragon age was there, the sense of major choices, the lore that helps flesh out the world with things like drinks, songs, location tales, the sense of humour. This game uses the first two games heavily (particularly second) with nods and returning characters so not sure how first timers to the franchise would find it, I enjoy the nods (though can be frustrating on things where my first game romance gets plenty of mention, my second one gets one nod as if they weren't a fan
with Lellana and Merrill
), I felt they got the right balance between returning figures and new characters screen time with neither outshining the other. There was one returning character that felt a really bad idea and didn't work
Hawke. It relies on user manually recreating their DA2 character and then hoping their formula for dialogue and persona matches up enough with people's sense of their character. It didn't work, I just think bad idea to bring back a former PC as an NPC

In terms of characters, I suspect the original game's compact formula, first time with the franchise and nostalgia will always mean those ones have a bit more magic. This set were good to spend time with, a diverse lot with fun humour, good tragedy, secrets, some intresting quests, fun dynamics. I enjoyed all three advisers and with the companions, none I dislike though one is going to be very Marmite
Sera, I grew to like her with things like the rooftops but she could be annoying at start
, two that worked well within game due to quests and development but will forget about and others I enjoyed greatly from the off. Probably had the best romance of the three games
with charm, sweet moments, decent quest, intresting character and loved the big romance with sweet stuff that followed (and some fun reactions from the other characters).

In terms of story it helps pull one in, creates some dramatic moments, fleshing the world, strong with individuals and small ones, with creating senses of place being different from each other but the baddie is... alright but not special, I worked out some of the twists. At the end, possibly due to pacing issue, I felt it hadn't quite knitted together as well as it might have as an overall story arc, perhaps a better ending? Hinterlands as starting area was a bad one, it may have bee meant to impress with scale of the new kind of system but was a bad choice for opening as too large, a little in-cohesive compared to other areas and too much stuff to do, easing in would have been better.

Combat system was fine, particularly once I decided to use the option to reset skills and just have the computer choose them, sometimes was a case of just get through the fight. Dialogue is good, intresting and humorous, I like the influence you need to get to unlock certain dialogue options (though frankly, you need to use your early influence skills on certain skills) or that being a mage gave character certain insights but what your character said didn't always correspond to the options you were given which led to a few reloads.

On the DLC, generally good

Dragon Age Keep/Dragon Age: The Last Court Strictly speaking, not DLC. The Keep is Bioware/EA's way of keeping track of what you did in past games (and this one so they knoew for dragon age 4). Fairly simple to use (bar importing inquisition save data onto it once done, should be easier), can either upload or use your memory (with help of wiki's if you need to jog your memory for a choice). Allowed me to also slightly alter one or two events where I disagreed with it's interpretation of what happened :pika:

The Last Court was a nice little something different before the game that gives minor rewards for doing it, bit of resource management and trying to juggle kingdom needs and gather what you need in time, quick, again sense of humour and a nice romance. Worth a try, might not be everyone's cup of tea

Jaws of Hakkon was a very good DLC, plenty of lore and sense of world, both in area's not often seen and mainstream, some good quests and war table stuff, one or two choices to make, fun use of characters. The Descent had a good NPC, some drinks but was something of a grinder without really feeling like it fleshed out the themes it was covering, Trespasser is vital for anyone who played Inquisition and plans to play the next game, acts as both epilogue and bridge. Great sense of "meeting everyone a few years on", the catching up, the memories, the new concerns in their lives, the progression they have gone through, the sweetness and sadness of it all. Has a story that unfolds well both in your starting position and heading out, seemed to be trying to have mystery but was easy to work out but still intresting, has a sense of big impact. It gets a little grindy near the end though.

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Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:50 pm
by Sun Fin
A mixture of Pokemon Red, I downloaded the original version on to my new 2DS and Pokemon AlphaSapphire!

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Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:03 pm
by Jake
DaoLunOfShiji wrote:ESO was a pretty alright game when I played it. I did it mostly for the PVP in Cyrodil which was really enjoyable, though certainly lacking in variety.

When you group up it's pretty much running from keep to keep until (and if) you reach a enemy controlled temple which holds an Elder Scroll. It's grinding until that point but it can get exciting. I've mostly been doing quests and dungeons in PvE, though.

And DA: Inquisition was a great game! I should pick it up again as now I've got a rig that can handle it, used to play it low-res and it was a pain every now and then.

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Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:03 am
by Dong Zhou
Dong Zhou wrote:My sister and I latest co-op is adventure game Strange Brigade, riffing on 1930 style adventures, I play archaeologist Archimedes de Quincey (seems like he has abilities that requires him to be picked) and my sister plays DLC pilot Tessie Caldwell, initial set of characters at two females and two males though all white, DLC rebalances that. As an 1930's riff, one can see what it is trying to do, it looks visually good in that theme but the humour including narrator and baddie descriptions hasn't worked so far.

As a co-op, it focuses one's dialogue only on your own character rather then hearing your friend characters reaction to events, seems to rely on a degree of fairness between players to ensure shared gold (and there was plenty) but ensures people get a shot at items like letters by repeating the optional ones in chests and allowing everyone to grab collectables rather then first come first served.

As a game, it is solid. It feels like it wants you to win, generous with ammo resupplies, not so much with health potion but they place it at other stages, easy for party members to revive the other (or use potion) and could hang on for ages with red health. Controls could be better explained but easy to get used to, action is solid and goes along nicely with some tension if your really low health, most puzzles seem easy enough but showed potential for more then memory tests (or "cat symbol, now shoot the eye symbol" communication), just needs to do better with humour and flair.

It was a fun game, the action (bar one or two "set play battle has gone too long) held up, clear which way to go, a sense it wanted us to win (and we noted when we replayed to collect rest of items, it felt easier), fun puzzles that they did enough to vary and including one maze area. The story wasn't the strong point, the humour did get better over time but was not stand out, levels felt suitably different while fitting the theme and built nicely to the end point, characters not memorable. Enjoyed shooting the cat statues, the relics fitted theme and descriptions had humour, the letters didn't add much.

The three DLC levels changed things up a little, humour felt sharper, letters a bit better, followed the same pattern of puzzles, capable action, wanting you to win but the loss of relics for "pick up so and so statues that will not turn up in journal" was disappointing.

Overall it was a nice, fun time as a co-op adventure

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Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:49 pm
by Hasdrubal
Jake wrote:Started playing The Elder's Scrolls Online about two weeks ago. I've never really been a fan of MMO's but this time I've got 3 of my friends playing with me and joined a native spoken guild so it feels immensely different than the time I tried out World of Warcraft and playing solo.

I realise this is from April, but I strongly recommend ESO, it's a great game. If anyone else plays drop me a PM on here!

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Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:36 pm
by Ayame
Stardew Valley. Main file- my farm now has both blue chickens and void chickens. (Just waiting for the dinosaur egg to hatch.)

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Unread postPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:19 pm
by ky9ersfan
I am stoked I already bought ROTK 13 & No Man's Sky, for when I finally buy a PS4 next month, I can't wait! This game can't be as limited as ROTK 4: Firewall. I am starved for a next gen ROTK experience!!!

I really hope it allows you to be a officer(like ROTK 7) and not just a ruler, I am thinking I will be Gan Ning and resign from Liu Biao, and start a brigand band by recruiting and combining the Ru Nan Turbans & He Bai Bo Bandits. The key will be recruiting a young Xu Huang. I am going to head west and build up a force around Wu Du, and then challenge the local powers to take Tian Shui, An Ding, and eventually the strategic defensive capitol Chang An. Once I defeat and employ Zhang Xiu and Jia Xu as oath brothers, it will open up the west, and I will ally with Zhang Lu, Zhang Yan, and Han Sui, and raise the YT remnants from obscurity and threaten the land abroad.

I am also curious about No Man's Sky, it sounds like a interesting concept. Open world exploration of a galaxy of planets. Sounds cool.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:34 am
by Liu Yuante
Dong Zhou wrote:Last week finished Dragon Age Inquisition (aka the third one) after a long long time.

It's interesting to read different views on games. i played this back in 2015 and while I obviously didn't hate it (I put 120 hours into it) I found it significantly less interesting than both its predecessors in the series and also other RPGs released at the time (the amazing Divinity: Original Sin, The Witcher 3, etc.). My main issues come from two places:

- One, the crafting and excessive open-world stuff felt like a cookie-cutter approach to tacking on additional hours of gameplay. Some of it, like the astronomy puzzles, was interesting but the rest felt like "same thing, different day". You had the forest world, the sand world, the ice/snow world, the creepy swamp/graveyard's like a Mario game almost. and it messes with the pacing of the story - this is actually a big complaint I have about open-world gaming in general, in that the power of a narrative comes from the author's ability to manipulate your experience; the more choice you give to the player (all of which is imaginary anyway, because you can only ever do what the developers decided to program in advance*) the more you weaken the ability to tell a great story. Or else you wind up with people who are way over-leveled for the endgame and so the tension of the narrative's conclusion is not matched at all by a similar tension in the gameplay of the conclusion. Not to mention the open-world landmark/sidequest stuff felt much less compelling than most of the sidequests in say Witcher 3 where most of the NPCs feel like people who really are teetering on the edge, and for whom your assistance is the line between living and dying. DA:I feels comparatively more stuck-up.

- Two, most of the game is taken up with amassing ever-greater amounts of power, people, artifacts, skills,'s one thing to give people achievements to chase, quite another to dilute dramatic tension in this way. By the time the final showdown came it felt so anticlimactic as my super-powered character with his impregnable citadel on the mountain took care of business. It is satisfying to one's ego to feel powerful, but, for me at least, for a story to be impactful there has to be a real threat.

Unless you are under-leveled, DA:I loses this sense of threat more or less right after the scene where your original base on the snowy area is attacked and leveled and everyone thinks you're dead, buried in the avalanche.

That scene, referenced in the spoiler above, is tremendously good and really reeled me in and got me to invest more in the world of the game. But after that you really aren't threatened, and that kills the story for me. Granted there are a number of compelling sidequests and well-written characters who provide welcome diversion and entertainment, but for me anyway this game was merely good and has nothing on DA:O. I feel the same way about Mass Effect and Dead Space while we're at it, and it's no coincidence all three series are published by EA.

* Well, aside from the not-programmed-at-all Ending #4 to Event [0], which was programmed only to have 3 possible endings but whose artificial intelligence (you spend most of the game chatting up an AI) you can actually talk into giving you an unintended 4th ending if you're persuasive, empathic and say the right things. In other news, if you like intriguing, haunting indie games about trying to convince an AI onboard a space station that you care about it and it should totally let you go home, Event [0] is worth picking up.

ky9ersfan wrote:
I am also curious about No Man's Sky, it sounds like a interesting concept. Open world exploration of a galaxy of planets. Sounds cool.

I was super-hoping No Man's Sky would be kind of like a souped-up, modern version of Star Control 2, but the initial reviews scared me away and I never bought it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:57 am
by Dong Zhou
1st was my favourite despite how positive I sounded about third

I tend not to craft but I agree with you about the open world and loss of pacing, I do see your point about being overly powerful but I like being your lordly king :wink:

I have heard No Man's Sky has really improved with updates that fills the worlds and the like