Cheating online? (new poll, different topic, similar idea!)

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Cheating in games online/ in general

Cheating online is ok- even if it gives me a big advantage over opponents
No votes
Cheating online is ok, but I only do small cheats for fun
Cheating online is ok if you share the cheat with your "friends"
No votes
Cheating online is bad
Cheating online is bad- only if the cheats a big one
No votes
Cheating online is bad- especially when it makes the game uneven
Other (explain!)
Total votes : 21

Unread postby REMIX » Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:36 am

Well, I havent really played any online games for the pc. But a few days ago i got a pc version of pes 5 even though i got winning eleven 10 for the ps2. Well i played online in pes5 for the first time and did pretty well. In about my 10th match, i was beating this guy 2-0 by 16 minutes until half time. And second half i could not move or anything and my control kept pressin itself. Really I was p***** and lost 4-2. I knew he was cheating and it werent a prob wit my pc because he had the confidence to bring his keeper to attack. After that match which will probably be my last I just feel what is the point in cheating? It takes the fun out and loses more and more people from playin these games. Personally (sorry if this affects anyone here but) this type of cheating i feel is very sad.
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Unread postby James » Fri Sep 22, 2006 4:12 pm

My personal thought is cheating online = bad.

My vote notes ‘other’. Why? Because ‘cheating’ is defined by you and your significant other. If, for some reason, you have an odd relationship in which you both enjoy other online relationships openly, then it is normal. Odds are, though, that this isn’t the case, and if you are cheating online you are probably doing so with guilt, wondering what ‘he/she would think’, and find yourself questioning your actions. We do this because our actions are wrong.
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Unread postby Shi Tong » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:22 pm

thanks for all the replies.

I agree with the general opinion, and I think I actually agree with Marc on powerleveling too.

I do understand the use of powerleveling to avoid "boring content", but at the end of the day, and game should be great from beginning to end, and if you feel that playing the first part of the game is boring then I suggest stop playing because the end is likely to be boring too.

I stopped playing GW because I just found it too boring- it's *point-click-activates skill-activate other skill-watch heath meter-cast healing-activate skill* IMO, there's no skill in pressing a button at the right time in order to beat someone.

I also really hate those uneven style characters that used to apprear in Baldurs gate type games, and what I mean by that is general AD&D power gaming in which you take part in giving your players the best items and power ups in order to make them invincible.

IMO, this is just plain boring- games should present a challange and the use of cheats or power leveling to "enhance the game" is pointless and completely defeats the object of playing a game in the first place.

It's supposed to be a challenge!
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