Anyone use Van Editor for ROTK 13?

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Anyone use Van Editor for ROTK 13?

Unread postby Zoroaster » Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:54 pm


I'm trying to do an in depth edit of the game for balance purposes. For starters I want to accomplish the following:

1) Edit bonus officer skills/dates of birth/death so that they are more in balance with the rest of the officers, dont show up all at once, and have family ties where warranted.

2) Edit bonus officer and created officer starting forces. I have over 320 unique historical and fictional officers adding balance to forces such as Shi Xie, Ma Teng, etc. Starting a new game and deploying all these officers by hand is a daunting task!

3) Edit force behaviors to focus on early domestic development, instead of the zerg. I feel Koei did a bad thing with automatic troop renewal, and the large numbers of troops immediately available create early unbalance. This can be moderated by deploying policies to each force in a similar way that the player can deploy policies to their other cities, loosely directing development.

I am encountering a few problems.

1) I cannot save the data. It sees the game, and the edits show up in game as long as I keep the game open. But if I close it, the edits are gone.

2) When I try to edit forces and affiliations, it wont even allow me to save. Just gives me a big red X when I try.

3) The behaviors are present, but dont seem readily modifiable, perhaps its just that this wasnt added into the English translation of the tool?

Does anyone here know how to use this tool who can provide some assistance? I've been a fan of this series for almost 30 years now and what I really want out of this game is an environment that provides an in depth challenge from the start, with a game that actually progresses through the various events while actively playing, not idling and hoping the AI doesnt 'win' the game within a decade.

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