DOAEditor and Romhacking for Destiny of an Emperor

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Re: DOAEditor and Romhacking for Destiny of an Emperor

Unread postby MiDKnighT » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:48 pm

It took me a little bit to remember but I think I remember now. There are basically 2 tiles for each value. Ie... there are 2 different E6 tiles. At the end of that graphic section, there are bits that say which version of the tile each is. By bits I mean like 00101100 (can convert between hex and binary in a programming calculator). The bits tell it which type of tile it will use. Ie...the "0" E6 tile or the "1" E6 tile.

For more info look here:

At the "Build the Map Tiles" section. We called that binary stuff the "control code".
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Re: DOAEditor and Romhacking for Destiny of an Emperor

Unread postby Boneduke » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:43 pm

Awesome!! Tried just now and it works perfectly. Funny I feel like I've read the wiki inside out and some of these issues it just doesnt click until you point it out hehe - really appreciated!
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Re: DOAEditor and Romhacking for Destiny of an Emperor

Unread postby Boneduke » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:54 pm

Hey Midknight, sent you a PM - have a new bug in my ROM just noticed in the past couple weeks. Not a huge one, just seems that when an item is used during battle (Elixir, revive etc), it works, but the item doesnt get consumed. Some more detail is in the PM.

In general also wanted to ask about "Spoils of War" enhancement. I was looking at the details for patch 1.3 and it says

- POL is used for item drops and more to come for POL.
- Spoils of war enhancement (item drops)

Which I take to mean, that I am using the POL version rather than the original.

Been working on adjusting the items that drop and the Common ones seems to be working fine. When I look at the original hex in my ROM for that section (7a5e0) it look as I'd expect (lots of entries with hex IDs that match item drops) and when I change it to my own configuration, I see the new items appear in game. So that is fine.

According to the wiki this is the code for the enhancement



The part in red is the section where you specify the Common drops. Which aligns to the location the wiki indicates for where to specify the Common items (7a5e0).

However the wiki then states to do the same thing for Rare items (16 x 8 regions) at location 0x7a660. However that location is the hex above that I colored green. It seems to be used for something else (many of the entries there like AD, 90, AA, they dont correspond to items) and when I pasted my configuration for Rare drops at this location, it caused the game to freeze. So I think definitely I should not be putting my Rare drop configuration here.

There does seem to be sufficient blank space immediately after this section (7a667 to 7a6ee) however that is a little more space than is needed to fit the 8x16 "table". So I didnt want to arbitrarily paste it in, maybe even if its works, it breaks something else.

I looked at this same section in the hex in Flames of Wu mod and it has similar kind of entries in the Common drop section - however at 0x7a660 its completely different - doesnt match my whats in my ROM/whats above, nor does it look like a table for rare drops. So I'm stumped. Do you remember how this one works?
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