Massively unique mod of Destiny of an Emperor!

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Massively unique mod of Destiny of an Emperor!

Unread postby dcripplinger » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:14 pm

Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce the beta release of a video game I've been making for the last two years: Reign of the Judges!

This game is essentially a mod of Destiny of an Emperor, but with a completely different storyline unrelated to the Three Kingdoms. The story is adapted from the war chapters of the Book of Mormon. I'm making it completely free for everyone.

The game isn't strictly speaking a mod because I built it from the ground up and it doesn't run on NES emulators. Instead, it runs as its own executable. But it basically plays as Destiny of an Emperor but with a totally different map, story, and several pretty awesome enhancements.

I'm hoping to make the first stable non-beta release by the end of the year, but I really need beta testers willing to play through the game, give me feedback, and let me know of any bugs they find. Are you willing to beta test for me?

You can learn more about the game and download the beta release from the game's website:
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Re: Massively unique mod of Destiny of an Emperor!

Unread postby sonic.penguin » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:39 pm

Interesting. Might need to give it a whirl... 225Mb, what the heck, is this a PS game or NES?
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