4/15/09: Pinyin vs. Wade-Giles Officer Reference Chart

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4/15/09: Pinyin vs. Wade-Giles Officer Reference Chart

Unread postby James » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:59 am

A fellow named Nate wrote in to ask if we have a reference that will allow the cross-reference lookup of Wade-Giles and Pinyin variations of officer names. It actually struck me as strange that I never put something like this together given our database already supports it and it is a common question asked by people who decide to read a Wade-Giles version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

I took a moment out of my evening to toss a reference for this purpose together: introducing our new Pinyin to Wade-Giles Officer Name Reference Chart. Searching isn’t perfect as only Pinyin is supported and reliable Wade-Giles support would be time consuming to add, but this alone should help to ease the process of re-learning familiar officer and character names.

Anybody interested in Wade-Giles Romanization can also learn a great deal from Lady Wu’s Introduction to Wade-Giles Romanization. Additionally, our Three Kingdoms Officer Encyclopedia also lists Wade-Giles names for the 2,000+ officers that have been entered.
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