5/7/08: Content Submission, Error Reports, Email Form

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5/7/08: Content Submission, Error Reports, Email Form

Unread postby James » Thu May 08, 2008 4:34 am

Today some of the contact forms inside Kongming’s Archives have received an overhaul. Specifically, you now have access to a new <a href="http://kongming.net/email/">Contact Us</a> form, a new <a href="http://kongming.net/email/error_report/">Error Report</a> form, and a new <a href="http://kongming.net/submit/">Content Submission</a> form. While the forms are easier to use (and definitely more secure), the only thing here that is relevant for discussion is the content submission form.

You now have the ability to upload and submit a file to us using it. A walkthrough, a biography, an article, or a zip file of images. Almost anything you would want to share. We can make special arrangements if a large file is not submitted by the form (e.g. a music collection). Just as I have been spending much more time working on Kongming’s Archives over the past month, your content submissions are also going to receive the same love and attention. Artbook scans? Portraits? Walkthroughs? Would you like to write an article for our site? Please let me know!

I know there are some other poor or broken forms on the site. They are going to be remade soon enough and announced on the home page. Also, please pardon the dated material in the submissions area. It, too, will get some love soon.

We also use image verification now. Rather than some boring numbers we have decided to integrate <a href="http://recaptcha.net/" target="_blank">reCAPTCHA</a>, an image verification service that also works to digitally preserve books whenever you use it. So when you verify words in our forms you are actually doing something meaningful.
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