1/28/08: Sanguo Yanyi Biographies; Update Tracker

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1/28/08: Sanguo Yanyi Biographies; Update Tracker

Unread postby James » Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:35 am

In addition to the remake of <a href="http://kongming.net/doae/">Destiny of an Emperor</a>, our fan-made version <a href="http://kongming.net/doae/2.0/">Destiny of an Emperor 2.0</a> (discussed in the previous update), we are also thrilled to present a new collection of <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/bios/type.php#sgyy"><i>Sanguo Yanyi</i> Biographies</a> by Sam Wrest. Sam has been busy, but he still found a chance to share. Thanks!

New biographies include the well-knowns <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/madai.php">Ma Dai</a> and <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/yangfeng.php">Yang Feng</a>, along with a collection of lesser-known officers: <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/chenglian.php">Cheng Lian</a> (Lü Bu), <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/zhangying.php">Zhang Ying</a> (Liu Yao), <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/jugu.php">Ju Gu</a> (Yuan Shang), <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/zhanghu.php">Zhang Hu</a> (Liu Biao) and <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/qiaorui.php">Qiao Rui</a> (Yuan Shu).

Finally, have you noticed the new update tracker at the top of the home page? We are no longer discussing every new site feature with official updates (like this one). Keep an eye on the update tracker to view the latest additions to Kongming’s Archives, often-times a while before they may be announced here.
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