1/27/08: Destiny of an Emperor 2.0

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1/27/08: Destiny of an Emperor 2.0

Unread postby James » Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:57 am

I would like to introduce the first official release of a project which has been underway for quite some time now: <a href="http://kongming.net/doae/2.0/">Destiny of an Emperor 2.0</a>! This is a fan-made remake which I have been working on for months. Rather than re-tell the story, the objective of this remake has been to remake the game. Errors have been corrected, many new officers have been introduced, tactics are in English for easier remembering, and it is challenging enough to surprise even the veterans. (Speaking of veterans, I know you love the Chinese tactic names – a future version will include them). Like <a href="http://kongming.net/doae/">Destiny of an Emperor</a>, you must play with an emulator.

<a href="http://kongming.net/doae/2.0/#download">Download Destiny of an Emperor 2.0</a> and relive your classic in a way you never would have imagined! We welcome (and encourage) your feedback, positive and negative, and ask that you participate in the <a href="/viewtopic.php?t=18372">Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 discussion thread</a> at our forum, <a href="/">Scholars of Shen Zhou</a>. You can also share thoughts in <a href="http://www.lordyuanshu.com/conewalkerforum/viewtopic.php?t=892" target="_blank" title="External: LordYuanShu.com">Lord Yuan Shu’s forum</a>. Other Destiny of an Emperor hacks are coming in over the horizon and your feedback can make a great difference.

What else can you expect? An error-free remake of the classic Destiny of an Emperor, and a Wei storyline retelling, following Cao Cao and his army as they attempt to unify China. This remake will even feature an adapted storyline! Through our forum you can even participate in testing and development of these and other titles.

Hope to see you there! Enjoy the game!
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