2/23/06: Sanguo Yanyi Biographies, Odds & Ends' Return

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2/23/06: Sanguo Yanyi Biographies, Odds & Ends' Return

Unread postby James » Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:03 am

Okay, the server migration should now be basically complete. It is possible there still may be problems or errors here or there, so please let me know if you happen to encounter any. First, the music that was offline is now online again, if only on a temporary basis. Second, Odds & Ends has been fully repaired, though accounts have to be re-created (more on this below). Finally, I would like to officially welcome SlickSlicer as a <i>Sanguo yanyi</i> biography author. He has authored biographies for <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/caiyong.php">Cai Yong</a>, <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/pangtong.php">Pang Tong (Shiyuan)</a>, and <a href="http://kongming.net/novel/sgyy/kingmulu.php">King Mulu</a>, and is considering a few others as you read this. Enjoy!

Now, for the details on Odds & Ends for those of you that are members of that section. As mentioned briefly above, we were unable to migrate the old Odds & Ends accounts from the old server to the new one. As a result of this, we’ve recoded and improved the whole section. From this point on, your Odds & Ends access will be handled using your Kongming’s Archives account (which could not be automatically set up as there has never been an obvious link between Odds & Ends and Kongming’s Archives accounts). If you had an Odds & Ends account, and want to access the new section, make sure you have a Kongming’s Archives user account, and <a href="http://kongming.net/email/?function=odds_and_ends">fill out this form</a> (with the details you can remember). We can handle the rest!
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