3/19/05: Signup for the next SimRTK game begins on 3/24/05!

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3/19/05: Signup for the next SimRTK game begins on 3/24/05!

Unread postby James » Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:36 am

<a href="http://simrtk.net/">Simulated RTK (SimRTK)</a> Update: As several of you know, the current game (see below for more information) which was currently being played has finished, with Kymvir Raemiz unifying China, and the staff has been busy at work updating and refining the game for the next time around (v3). As before, the update will include new features, but it will also bring important improvements related to easier gameplay and smother learning. If you haven’t played before, or if you were hoping for something a little easier to understand last time around, joining now before the next game is a perfect opportunity.

Ruler signups will begin on March 24th, and will run through to the 28th, at which point the 20 starting player-controlled kingdom rulers will be selected. Bandit and pirate forces wishing to be present from the beginning must also sign up at this time. The first civil phase of the new game is scheduled to begin on April 1st. Though we <i>will</i> post a reminder when signup begins, it never hurts to get familiar with the game in advance.

<a href="http://simrtk.net/">Simulated RTK (SimRTK)</a> is a forum-based online role-playing game based on the novel, <i>Romance of the Three Kingdoms</i>, the Koei strategy series of the same name, and the history behind the era. Players join as a character of any sort they can imagine, rulers included, and participate with several hundred other people, each aspiring to their own unique goals. Simulated RTK never fails to capture all the aspects of honor, betrayal, scheming, victory, and defeat found in the novel, but with a vibrance not found in any book or game. This new game marks the eighth incarnation of this popular pastime, and best of all, like everything else here, it’s free.
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