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3/01/05: Dynasty Warriors 5 update, database work continues.

Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 5:25 pm
by James
Added Zuo Ci to the <a href="">Dynasty Warriors 5 characters page</a> (no portrait yet) and completed the new <a href="">Dynasty Warriors 5 unlocking officers guide</a>. Made some general accuracy fixes in <a href="">biographies</a> and improved the search/display feature. Also entered <a href="">Romance of the Three Kingdoms V</a>, <a href="">VI</a>, <a href="">VII</a>, <a href="">VIII</a>, <a href="">IX</a>, <a href="">X</a> and <a href="">Destiny of an Emperor information</a> into our game database, and updated each of the previously mentioned pages to take advantage of the new information. Several of them include new links that may be of interest.

Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 5:36 pm
by Mistelten
Too bad all of the old DoaE and similar old RTK game sites are mostly gone now. :cry:
I'm getting a dead url with that DW5 character link.

Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 6:14 pm
by James
They certainly aren’t as popular as the new games, but they aren’t gone either. Anyone can load them up and play them on their computer. They are the reason KMA exists, along with the novel, so they’ll always be a part of the site. :)

Fixed the links.

Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 7:47 pm
by Mistelten
I'm glad to hear that. Even though I play the newer systems now, DoaE hits me with some hardcore nostalgia. I may have played Nobunaga's Ambition first, but DoaE was what drew me in to RTK as a kid.
I wouldn't mind seeing some more stuff from Motomiya Hiroshi. His Zhao Yun design still lives on after all. 8-)

Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:09 am
by Athrun Zala
Found this in the unlocking page.
Zhuge Liang (Kongming): In Shu musou mode, clear chapter 1.

Perhaps it should be like this?
Clear musou mode with one Shu officer.

Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 3:24 pm
by James
Thank you, it has been fixed. :)