1/05/04: Updates now cross-posted to Scholars of Shen Zhou!

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1/05/04: Updates now cross-posted to Scholars of Shen Zhou!

Unread postby James » Wed Jan 05, 2005 8:45 am

Today brings a minor but perhaps interesting update to Kongming’s Archives: all site updates are now cross-posted to our forum, <a href="/">The Scholars of Shen Zhou</a> in the <a href="/viewforum.php?f=14">Kongming’s Archives forum</a>. This gives everyone the opportunity to discuss changes with our staff, or chat about them with other viewers and members.

<a href="http://the-scholars.com/">Scholars of Shen Zhou</a> contains many forums covering a variety of topics (both serious and light-hearted), and though membership is required to post in most of them, you do not need one to reply to <a href="/viewforum.php?f=14">Kongming’s Archives updates</a>: simply click the ‘PostReply’ button, type your response, and click ‘Submit’ to share your thoughts. Please be advised, however, that our <a href="/viewtopic.php?t=6428">forum conduct rules</a> still apply, and even guests can be blocked from accessing to the site.

Things are beginning to settle down after the holiday season (which was certainly a busy one for me), and interesting new updates may take place in the upcoming future. For the time being, however, there is still much to be done and some personal projects in need of completion. I hope everyone had some truly wonderful holidays.
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