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[FIXED] Articles Feedback

Unread postby James » Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:30 pm

Hello everyone,

I've got the articles working properly on Kongming's Archives again. I'll probably need to do a more detailed rewrite a short distance down the road as well.

When I first added support for these articles and associated them with Kongming's Archives I had to rely on some code to read from remote websites (kongming.net reading from the-scholars.com) because the-scholars' host didn't allow remote connections to the database. As time passed this method of gathering data fell out of favor, to say the least, due to security issues, so as with other cases on Kongming's Archives time marched on and something broke.

If anyone happens to be following the contents of this page or is interested in the articles feature, or in having an article that was written published to Kongming’s Archives, let me know.

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