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A History of the Rebellion Against James the Benevolent

Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:03 pm
by Qu Hui
Also known as the History of the Great Rebellion. Warning: Do not take this seriously. Also, to whomever was on the Republic's side, I apologize if I was a bit mean with some of my comments.

A History of the Rebellion Against James the Benevolent

On the Ides of March, Lady Wu and Kong Wen collaborate with seditious intent. They quietly remove James the Benevolent, the rightful leader of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, from power and exile him.

The next day, the two traitors announce their deeds and form the “Republic” of Shen Zhou. They create a Senate and appoint the honorable Rhiannon the Just to the position of Tribune. The righteous Shi Tong begins calling for the return of James, while Sun Gongli, the Bastion of Justice, creates a Collation against the Republic along with Judas Ezekiel, DynastyWarriors6, and other heroes. He briefly skirmishes with Adam Sizemore, who is loyal to the traitors.

On the seventeenth, unrest begins to grow. The traitors attempt to satiate the unrest, but their efforts bear no fruit. The common members begin picking sides. The despicable lessthanpleased, who has been appointed as Speaker of the fraudulent Senate, begins to slander James the Benevolent.

On the eighteenth, the growing Collation begins to openly question the legitimacy of the Republic. The villain Kong Wen attempts to slander the Coalition, but fails. Meanwhile, the corrupt Lady Wu appoints Mindless Minion as an Administrator after being bribed by urbanterrorist.

On the nineteenth, Rhiannon the Just is pressured into denouncing James and calling for the surrender of the Coalition. Despite pressure to the contrary, she extends protection to James.

On the twentieth, Ranbir and Sun Hua break away from both factions and become independent. Meanwhile, Kong Wen attempts to satiate the population with false promises of elections.

On the twenty-first, the villains Kong Wen and Lady Wu attempt to permanently remove James the Benevolent from the member list, but Rhiannon the Just continues to protect him. Meanwhile, Catalyst, one of the rebels’ supporters, joins in calling for elections. Lion’s Mane voices his support for the traitors.

On the twenty-second, Ranbir and Sun Hua, the independent leaders, join the righteous in decrying the traitors. lessthenpleased suggests that Rhiannon will become a tyrant just as the villains claim James the Benevolent had. She briefly contemplates joining the Bastion of Justice Sun Gongli.

On the twenty-third, Lessthanpleased suggests that Rhiannon be exiled, as James had before. In response, Rhiannon the Just breaks from the Republic, reforming the Scholars and taking the temporary title of Empress-Regent. The villains attempt to slander Rhiannon for taking this course of action. Sun Gongli continues to call for the restoration of the Scholars proper and the return of James.

On the twenty-fourth, the Coalition, believing that the traitors will take no action against them, begins increasing their verbal campaigns. The Bastion of Justice even dares the villain Kong Wen to make him a martyr and appoints the Honorable Knight DynastyWarriors6 as his successor.

On the twenty-fifth, the villain Kong continues his rally against the Collation, but refuses to face them. There are no skirmishes this day.

There are no records of the twenty-sixth, undoubtedly because the traitors committed a heinous act and had to cover it up. Scoundrels.

On the twenty-seventh, Kong Wen, having become power-crazed and driven mad by the Coalition, removes Lady Wu and declares himself dictator. He also removes Rhiannon the Just and replaces her with lessthanpleased.

On the twenty-eighth, in an attempt to quash dissent once and for all, Kong Wen bans Bastion of Justice Sun Gongli. Honorable Knight DynastyWarriors6 vows to continue the Coalition’s work. Judas Ezekiel defects to the traitors, but is rejected and bans himself in shame. The Coalition begins to break up despite the attempts by Honorable Knight DynastyWarriors6 to keep it together.

On the twenty-ninth, the battle continues. The villains Kong Wen and lessthanpleased declare the absolute victory of the fraudulent republic.

On the thirtieth day, lessthanpleased slanders James the Benevolent and the Coalition, along with Kong Wen. Some traitors in the Coalition do not recognize Honorable Knight DynastyWarriors6 as leader and thus defect.

On the thirty-first day, the villains lessthanpleased and Kong Wen continue to gloat over their supposed victory. Despite suffering setbacks, the Coalition continues the attack.

On the first day of April, James the Benevolent is beaten in the battle of KMA and is forced to flee there well. Kong Wen decides to take over it as well, and change it to Kong Wen’s Archives, a site completely dedicated to himself. The Coalition, defeated, surrenders.

On the second of April, James the Benevolent returns to power along with Rhiannon the Just and all of the other heroes and destroys the rebels. Thus was the Scholars of Shen Zhou saved from the edge of the abyss.