History of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, Volume VII

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History of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, Volume VII

Unread postby Qu Hui » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:22 pm

Title: History of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, Volume VII

Short Title: Record of 2008

Original Author: Qu Hui

Keywords: history, sosz, forum, scholars, 2008

Description: The seventh and final volume in a series of articles detaling the history of the forum from 2002-2008.

History of the Scholars, Volume VII (2008)

In the first month, on the twenty-seventh day, the first official release of Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 is published.

In the second month, on the fourth day, the Great Pyramid of Shen Zhou begins. On the twelfth day, the Honorable Lady Wu begins work on the full translation of Legend of Cao Cao. On the thirteenth day, the Great Pyramid disappears, probably abducted by aliens. On the fourteenth day, SunXia compiles the second version of the history. On the nineteenth day, Dynasty Warriors 6 is released in North America for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. On the twentieth day, the Honorable Lady Wu begins translating Legend of Lu Bu. On the twenty-second day, she releases the first patch for Legend of Lu Bu.

In the third month, on the twenty-sixth day, an error that prevents registration on the board is fixed.

In the fourth month, the April Fool’s Day Joke begins. As a result, Yuan Shu’s popularity briefly plummets (1).

In the fifth month, on the first day, the database crashes and is repaired. On the eleventh day, phpBB 3.0 is installed. This leads to a loss of every member’s private messages. On the thirteenth day, the board is compromised. On the fourteenth day, the forum experienced downtime while a backup of the database is created. On the fifteenth day, the Three Kingdoms Officer Encyclopedia ver. 2.0 is announced. On the twenty-first day, the board goes down due to too many database connections and a crash of the sessions table.

In the sixth month, on the sixteenth day, the board and KMA are featured on And One, a Cleveland Cavaliers blog. On the twenty-fifth day, Kongming’s Prodigy stepped down as moderator.

In the ninth month, 3kingdoms.net went offline. From the start of the month to sixth day, there is downtime due to DDoS attacks on the server. On the ninth day, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is released in North America for Windows. On the fifteenth day, the board migrates to a new server.

From the tenth month onward, the forum enters a Great Depression wherein there is little major news and few updates. This lasts until the beginning of the eighth year.

In the eleventh month, on the twenty-fourth day, Dynasty Warriors 6 is released in North America for the Playstation 2 and Windows.

(1) For more information, please see “History of the April Fool’s Day Jokes.”
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