History of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, Volume VI

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History of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, Volume VI

Unread postby Qu Hui » Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:28 am

Title: History of the Scholars of Shen Zhou, Volume VI

Short Title: Record of 2007

Original Author: Qu Hui

Keywords: history, sosz, forum, scholars, 2007

Description: The sixth volume in a series of articles detaling the history of the forum from 2002-2008.

History of the Scholars, Volume VI (2007)

In the first month, Sun Gongli is voted Scholar of the Month. On the fourth day, the Three Kingdoms Officer Encyclopedia goes online.

In the second month, Dong Zhou is voted Scholar of the Month. On the sixth day, the mismatched ICQ button is fixed. Also on the sixth day, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is released in North America for the Playstation 2. On the tenth day, a week of downtime occurs due to a server loss.

In the third month, Kristina is voted Scholar of the Month. On the Ides of March, the April Fool’s Day joke begins and lasts until the second day of the fourth month (1).

In the fourth month, there is no Scholar of the Month. On the third day, the auto-pruning feature is permanently disabled. On the seventeenth day, there is a major reorganizing of the forum administration. Dong Zhou and Sun Gongli were added to the moderation team(2), SYL, Kong Wen, Rhiannon, and the Honorable Lady Wu’s moderated forums increased by one each (3), Sun Xia and Catalyst’s moderated forums increased by three each (4). Ian, Shield of Rohan and Zhang Liao 17 were removed as moderators due to inactivity.

In the fifth month, Mitsunari is voted Scholar of the Month.

From the sixth month onward, Scholar of the Month is no longer awarded (5).

In the sixth month, on the first day, JCC is reinstated as a moderator of Current Affairs. On the second day, Kristina joined the moderation team as moderator of the Literature, Academics and Philosophy forum. On the third day, Kristina compiles the first version of the history.

In the tenth month, the Honorable Lady Wu began translating the Legend of Cao Cao, thus beginning a period of great interest in LoCC and its mods.

In the twelfth month, on the eighth day, Catalyst steps down as moderator. On the ninth day, the forum breaks and is repaired. On the fourteenth day, the Honorable Lady Wu releases the first beta English patch of Legend of Cao Cao.

(1)For more information, please see “History of the April Fool’s Day Jokes.”

(2)Dong becomes moderator of the Sanguo Yanyi Symposium and Gongli becomes moderator of Dynasty Warriors Training and Gamer’s Haven.

(3)Kong is added to Other Three Kingdoms and Koei Games, the Honorable Lady Wu to Dynasty Warriors Training and Rhiannon to Artistic Expression and Illustration.

(4) Both were added to the Pub and the Pub, Timeless Threads, SunXia is added to Other Tree Kingdoms and Koei Games and Catalyst is added to Gamer’s Haven/

(5) This can be seen as the end of the Scholar of the Month title, as it would be changed to Scholar of the Quarter soon after.
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