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Kongming’s Archives Articles Forum

Unread postPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 3:27 am
by James
Welcome to the Kongming’s Archives Articles Forum
Topics in this forum are actually used to publish and edit community articles over at Kongming’s Archives. Anyone is welcome to read the contents of this forum, or to reply to any topic inside, but only staff members and members of the [url]Kongming’s Archives Editors[/url] group are allowed to edit articles and post new topics.

In fact, editing articles is the whole purpose of this forum. Members of the previously mentioned user-group have limited moderator access, allowing them to edit the first post of any topic here. These first posts are marked up with special BBCode which is downloaded by Kongming’s Archives and converted to HTML. The post here at Kongming’s Archives is, in fact, the actual article at the main site. A change made to the post here will affect the article at Kongming’s Archives (and it will be updated as soon as the application running behind the scenes decides it is time to update its cache, a process which will take place once ever day or two).