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Re: Are you serious game?! (Three Kingdoms Overlord)

Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:44 pm
by DaoLunOfShiji
The Eulogy Records of the Various Noble Families of Jin states, "Guo Huai had a younger brother, Guo Pei, styled Zhongnan. Guo Pei enjoyed a great reputation, and he rose in rank as far as Administrator of Chengyang. Pei Xiu and Jia Chong both married his daughters."

Jia Chong's Jinshu states: "Chong’s wife was the Countess of Guangcheng, Guo Huai, she was by nature jealous and envious. Earlier, when Limin was 3 years old, his wet-nurse held him at the galley. Limin saw Chong entering, and laughed with joy. Chong came and patted him. Huai looked and saw it, and said Chong had secrets with the wet-nurse, and then whipped her to death. Limin yearned and remembered her, became ill and died.

Later she again gave birth to a boy, for too long a time [?], he repeatedly was held by the wet-nurse. Chong used [his own] hand to rub his [her?] head. Guo suspected the wet-nurse, and also killed her. The boy likewise pondered and longed, and then died.

Chong thereupon had no successor to inherit. When he passed away, Huai immediately used her maternal grandchild Han Mi as Limin’s son, to serve as Chong’s descendant."